NEWS- Purchasing Details for The Blue & White

The Blue & White can now confirm three ways it is possible to buy our fanzine. They are…

– At the Exacta
We will be selling the fanzine in two locations at the ground, one around the gates and the other a bit further down the road, towards the Royal Mail depot. If you don’t know where we mean, we’ve done a little map for you here, these locations have been chosen in agreement with the club and we hope they are convenient for you. If you’re unable to make the game please remember we’ll be selling it at the Stocksbridge Park Steels game on Saturday 27th August too, probably in the same locations.

– At Blue Coat Books
Blue Coat Books on the city walls have agreed to stock copies of the fanzine. They are available from there right now. So if you’re in Chester, why not pop in? They’re lovely and aren’t taking any money off us! We’d like to thank them for their generous offer.

– At Hawarden Post Office
We’re very pleased to announce that Hawarden Post Office will have copies available for sale as soon as they’re ready (which might be before the FC United  game…) and they’re not even taking any money off us! We’d like to thank them for their generous offer.  Also, if you know of a newsagent or post office near you who would like to stock our fanzine (preferably for free) then please email us.

– Online
Our online payment system is now up and running, so those of you who aren’t local can have a copy delivered to your door. Click here – – you don’t have to have a paypal account and postage is just 80p (second class standard) for UK customers.
Please remember, if you live abroad get in contact with us before you order.


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