NEWS – Fanzine Shortlisted for FSF Award!

We were delighted to learn that the fanzine has been shortlisted for the Football Supporter Federation’s Fanzine of the Year award. It was a great surprise and we’re very flattered to be in the same list as United We Stand (Man U), Stand AMF (general), A Love Supreme (Sunderland), True Faith (Newcastle) and The Square Ball (Leeds).

Clearly we’re the smallest fanzine listed and the smallest club involved. I think we’re also the only non-league fanzine ever shortlisted too. As the winner will be decided by public vote, we’re going to need every vote we can get so even if you think we’re rubbish please vote for us anyway! You can vote here:

Finally, all of the writers and designers that have helped us over the past year deserve a huge amount of praise and thanks. It’s in no small part due to you that we’ve been shortlisted. So thank you, you’ve been brilliant. Also, thank you to everyone who buys the fanzine – you help keep us going!


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