NEWS – Designer Needed

Designer Needed for Issues 5 and 6

Because the designer of TB&W is swanning off on an around the world trip for six months, we need a temporary stand in designer. We are looking for someone who is:

–          Experienced with photoshop / indesign / and illustrator (mostly indesign)

–          Able to make stuff look awesome

–          Available throughout November/December (issue 5) and March/April (issue 6)

–          Even shorter than our current designer Michael (not essential)

–          Willing to buy beer

The grid, styles and guidelines are set for the fanzine so the meat of the work will be laying out the new articles, illustrating some articles and generally making the articles look as nice as possible within the current design structure.

Also the illustrations have a certain style that can be replicated quite easily using photoshop brush sets and some creative google image searches.

We will supply a guide called “Designing the Blue & White for Beginners”, to give an overview of how to quickly get to grips with TB&W look and feel.

Email if you’re interested.


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