MATCH BLOG – Wrexham 1 Chester FC 0

Chester went down to an early Wrexham goal in a derby which was scrappy, devoid of quality (except the finish for the goal) and generally difficult to actually watch. The conditions didn’t help, a swirling wind coupled with a dry, bobbly pitch meant that neither side could string many passes together. This led to a match where both sides spent most of it smashing it long and seeing who would pick up the pieces. At least both sides fans were in good voice. Here are some thoughts…

1. Pitch

I hate to sound like I’m finding excuses but that pitch was terrible. There were huge patches which were totally dry and it was very bobbly. As a result the football looked like a Sunday League match with endless punted long balls forward. God it was a bad game. Utterly terrible. Wrexham were obviously a bit more used to the conditions and managed to make the most of them, creating lots of very good chances in the first half with Chester only able to create a few chances in the second half. I suppose one positive is that when we actually played a game on a good pitch we won. Silver linings and that.

2. Midfield

Our big problem today. Due to the pitch it meant we needed players who can scrap and Rooney and Abbott just aren’t those types of players. Neither is McConville. Abbott struggled the most for me and we looked better when James came on and brought some bite into the midfield. Unfortunately it was a bit too late for him to change the game as, by then, McBurnie was knackered from chasing lost causes.

3. Defence

Bit of a mixed bag today. I’m not convinced with Heneghan and Charnock as a combination. Think Kay will come straight back into the side on Tuesday although Brown was very commanding when he came on. Thought both full backs played well, especially Higgins who was under a lot of pressure for large parts of the game and dealt with it well.

4. Shooting

Too much checking back today. I lost count of how many times a player could have taken a shot on their weaker foot only to come inside and give the chance for Wrexham to block it. Very frustrating to watch and as a result we only forced two saves out of their keeper.

5. Fans

I didn’t see any of the bother with the seats but did see a bit of a scuffle in the Yale Stand. Apart from that though both sets of fans got behind their teams which meant the atmosphere was much better than the match. I don’t want to speculate on stuff I didn’t see but if its true it is a shame and will probably mean the bubble is still here next year.

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