MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 2 Southport 2

Chester FC and Southport both took a share of the spoils after an entertaining game at the Swansway. Chester went into a 2-0 lead thanks to a tap in from Hobson and a great individual effort from man-of-the-match Mahon before two goals from a Southport team – a soft header and a good flowing move – intent on kicking lumps out of anything which moved levelled the match. Here are a few thoughts…

1. Mahon

Was brilliant today. Scared their defenders and managed to pea roll one into the bottom corner to take us 2-0 up. Unfortunately it seems one of the collection of agricultural challenges from Southport has left him with a broken collarbone. Let’s bloody hope not.

2. Injuries

That’s what did for us. Matty Brown going off at 2-1 with what looked like a broken nose left Jarrett at CB. He actually did fairly well there but then Bridge got cramp meaning Nathan Turner went left back and then Mahon became practically a passenger with his arm injury. I even thought at one point Bond got knocked out. And how many yellows for Southport? Not enough frankly. A pretty disgraceful excuse for a football team despite their fairly decent football going forward. Anyway with all the injuries we actually did really well to secure the point in the end which is frustrating to say when at one point we looked like we would cruise to a 2-0 win.

3. Other results

Apart from the one point each for us and Southport the only other team to get anything was Aldershot who drew vs. Kiddy. Results on the night could have been worse but the next two home games – Tamworth and Hyde – are absolute must wins now.

4. Pen

On what planet was that a pen? That lino was awful. Missed two massive offsides which nearly led to a goal and then gave a pen for someone running into Chapman’s arm after he decided not to challenge for the ball. Madness. Lucky the nobhead who dived to win it hit the bar with the effort. A bit of justice.

5. Sat

Playing runaway leaders away. Not the nicest of tasks. I think we need to treat this as a rest for some of our more delicate players and play for a draw. Won’t be pretty for the away fans but needs must…

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