MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 2 Braintree Town 3

Chester went down to a poor Braintree side by managing to play more poorly. In what was the worst game you’ll ever see with five goals in, Chester went ahead, went behind, drew level and then threw away a point a minute later. The game was marked by both sides making lots of errors, neither side looking like they had much shape and Chester bloody losing. Here are some thoughts…

1. Right back

I’m a big fan of Heneghan. The way a young player has adapted to playing out of position at right back is impressive and he certainly has a lot of talent but today he wasn’t at it. Braintree’s second and third both came from crosses from his side and their left winger gave him a lot of problems and he looked like a CB at RB. Personally I think we look better with Heneghan in the side than without but it will be interesting to see who lines up at right back in the next match after Higgins signed.

2. Up top

Hobson struggled again. I often defend Hobson as a player who isn’t quite up to this level but tries hard, and occasionally he is effective, but today I didn’t think he looked too interested. We looked much better when Tom Peers came on. It might be time to give Peers a run of starts and see how he does – he tested the keeper well today and actually linked up the play a bit whereas Hobson just didn’t.

3. Set pieces

Is it just me or do we seem to be scoring off set pieces quite a bit at the moment? Seems we have lost our threat in open play a bit but improved the set pieces. Brown scoring today off one.

4. Kay in midfield

What the hell was that about? I’m not sure why people think Kay is a utility player, he really isn’t. He is a good CB and can fill in a bit at RB and that’s it. He didn’t really know what he was doing in front of the back four and it certainly didn’t help out our midfield defensively. Can we not just play him at CB again? After all our best run this season came when he was dictating the tempo at the back alongside, the more limited on the ball, Charnock. Brown has been really good recently so why not have him alongside Kay or Heneghan?

5. Transfers

Recently we have looked like a tired side but today’s bench highlighted that we are a side which is stretched. Three strikers on the bench out of five. We really need to strengthen so I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces come in.

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  1. Thought very much the same. We looked a better team when subs came on & James dropped to his usual position in front of back four. This is definitely a league too far for Hobson. Peers & Richards look like a very good partnership. Need more match time together. Two weeks without a match should do squad good & help new players blend in.COYB CTID

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