MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 1 Forest Green 2

Chester bucked their recent trend by conceded two goals off corners before Ben Mills nodded in his first of the season after he was set up by two Forest Green back headers to make our best result of the season so far. Here are some thoughts…

1. Mills

Going to start with the positives. He harassed and harried defenders, won headers and managed to actually score! Looked knackered when he came off as well. Certainly our best player today and his link up play with Titchener was, at times, fairly decent. Should be a good partnership.

2. Pugh

Thought he was decent today. What a long throw and looked good when defending. Does need to work on his distribution though but that should come with game time.

3. Atmosphere

Surprisingly good considering how many defeats we’ve had. The fans round me didn’t get on the players backs (except occasionally but we all have a few moments) and tried to encourage/make the refs head explode with their minds. Keep it up and keep the faith.

3. Referee

Now the bad. He was terrible. Ignoring the persistent fouling of Wright and forearm smashes by various members of their team. Number 15 and 6 were horrible players. Not saying he was biased because he was shit for them as well. Far to lenient when players were in the air and it ended up being an elbowing and pushing match everytime it went above waist height.

4. Corners

Fearon was fouled on the first one but even then it was awful defending. Free headers again and again. The really frustrating thing is we actually looked quite good for long periods of the match. Creating openings, not too many shots, and were tidy in possession a lot of the time. The midfield is still a bit deep and we can’t seem to play to well through the middle but it is improving. The fans, the players, the management all know it is a problem and I’m sure it will be sorted by September, when our season will actually start.

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