MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Wrexham 0

Two sides lumped balls high in the air at each other and repeatedly headed them away with practically nothing interesting happening in the mean time. To say this was a bad match is probably kind. Was this the worst derby match ever played? Well at least we can take that away. Here are some thoughts…

1. Red?

Was Anyinsah’s challenge on Macca a red? It was late, hard, high, studs up, caught him so YES IT BLOODY WAS REF, FOR GOD’S SAKE MAN.

2. Chances

Few and far between. Seddon had a deflected shot and Rooney had a few decent chances but that was about it. It was difficult for us to get a foothold on the game because we insisted on hoofing it. While Griffin had a great game he wasn’t as mobile as Turner usually is and with Rooney in front of Tuner they make lots of openings. With that gone it meant we didn’t have an easy outlet. Good defensively though. Wrexham had a few good openings as well but some pretty heroic blocking meant Chapman didn’t really have to make a difficult save. Two cleans sheets and four points from derbies this year. Not bad.

3. Crowd

Nice to see there was no trouble and Chester fans were in fairly decent voice. Were Wrexham there?

4. End game

Two points above the drop. I’m counting Hereford as down so the danger is Dartford. We get one win and I think we are safe. I would prefer two though.

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