MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Torquay United 2

Chester were beaten by a strong, organised and quick Torquay team who looked liked they would be the only winners from about 20 minutes in. A close range header from a corner and a run in from the left wing unchallenged meant Torquay left with the three points. Chester battled well but every half opening they made didn’t test the keeper enough and Torquay’s defence dominated the longer the game went on. Here are some thoughts…

1. The pie

Didn’t manage to get one last match but did today. I’m giving it 7/10. Pastry was a little soft which made it difficult to eat with a plastic fork and needed a little more seasoning. Nice to see the catering improving.

2. Going forward

Hall had a difficult time today. He wanted space to run into but was doubled up on by the Torquay defence and would turn away from one defender into the other. I like him as a player but you could tell the difference a little experience makes when Mahon came on and created more problems for them. Hobson battled well but as soon as that utter twat, MacDonald, spat at him he totally lost it and just started looking for fouls when there wasn’t one coming. That made it more difficult for the midfield to get the ball in general. Both wings didn’t get enough crosses in either, McConville – who put some great balls in against Macc – barely hit a cross because we couldn’t seem to release him on the wing.

3. Defensively

Difficult night for the back four as too many balls were given away in midfield due to some sloppy play. Both centre backs getting yellows didn’t help either – Charnock got one for a brilliant tackle as well which brings me too..

4. Ref

Just rubbish. Barely had control of the game and let too many things go. Seemed to want to book anyone moving for around ten minutes and then stopped booking anyone no matter what they did. Giving Charnock a second yellow when Kay had fouled the guy was farcical. The only thing to say in his favour is that at least they eventually got it right.

5. Overall

I’m not really that worried about the performance tonight. We played ok for the most part and were beaten by a better side. They had some very quick players which was always a threat from the counter attack and kept possession better. At least we battled and made a bit of a game of it.

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