MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Grimsby Town 0

Chester and Grimsby cancelled each other out in a game which was entirely bereft of chances, quality or anything interesting happening. Grimsby had a player sent off early in the second half which made pretty much no difference to proceedings at all. Here are some thoughts about the game.

1. Weather and beer

Certainly the best things about the day. Lovely sunshine and beer festival had a decent selection – head down tomorrow if you can. Can’t enjoy football properly without a coat on though, maybe the players knew that too.

2. Strikers

Didn’t have enough support. Was a tough game for Mills and Seddon. Seddon adapted the better but it is difficult to blame either for not looking like scoring. Someone in midfield needs to make a supporting run forward for them. It is very obvious for the defenders when there is only two people running at the opposition where the ball is likely to go. Too often both strikers had to turn around and look for width when if there was another player running forward they could have been more direct. Must have been frustrating.

3. Set piece

If anything was going to go in today it was going to be from a dead ball. These have really improved which is great – and there were a number of decent balls into the box which were well defended by Grimsby. Luckily our defending has improved as well to keep their good balls out of our net as well.

4. Three defensive mids

Time to get rid of this at home and be a bit more open? I’m not sure. Do we have the attacking players for it? Big questions for Neil Young to address.

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  1. Pretty poor today and totally agree that we need midfield to get up in support of the 2 frontmen. We desperately needed more outlets and width today. My son accompanied me and commented on our long ball tactics that we could save on the wages bill by not bothering with a midfield!

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