MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Gateshead 1

Chester were knocked out of the FA Cup by Gateshead after the worst home display of the season – except maybe against Woking. Centre back Curtis volleyed the Heed into the next round after a corner was half cleared. Chester did nearly equalise through debutante Killock but were denied a reply by a brilliant save. Here are some thoughts…

1. Ross Killock

My man of the match. Looked assured in defence making some great challenges and was denied a goal by an unbelievable save. One thing though – how old is this lad? I swear I’ve been told he’s 19 but with his widow’s peak he looks more like Robbie Booth, pushing 30. Anyway we’ve got a good signing for a month at least.

2. 420 minutes (excluding added time and round up a bit)

That’s roughly how long it has been since we scored at home. Certainly a record since we reformed (I’ve not actually checked that, I’m assuming), is it an overall record? I can’t be arsed to check.

3. Keep the faith?

This latest defeat is obviously devastating. To be honest it has actually got to the point where we have to question things. This isn’t a one off – this is the season’s trend so far.

Obviously the confidence of the players is fragile and it really shows in the performances. We are scared to go forward, scared to keep the ball on the deck, scared to make a run to create options for players. Are the players the right players to get us out of this? No, but Youngie is changing it. Hopefully the three he plans to bring in (see post match comments on the website) will make a change.

Do I trust Youngie to get it right and keep us in this league? Yes, although I know some feel differently.

Would someone else do better? Possibly but we don’t have much money to work with which brings me to…

I think people have to remember where we are. I’m not getting misty eyed about the last three seasons I mean where we are as a club. We are not where we were as a club. At the moment we are relegation fodder, not just on the pitch but off it. That’s not saying we are being run badly, I think the directors are doing a fine job, I mean the infrastructure of the club is still in its infancy and there is still a lot of hard work needs doing on that front. We simply don’t have many revenue streams. Yes our crowds are big and we are doing pretty well with sponsorship but we won’t get back into the Football League on that alone. We won’t be the club we were until we increase the use of the stadium, get a training facility, sell some players on and so on. So until then, temper your expectations a little bit and work with the club (the upcoming changes to the CFU should allow greater involvement for everyone who wants to) to get us back to where we were. As a fan owned club it will take time but it will be all the sweeter when we get back to the League.

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