MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Eastleigh 1

Both sides produced a fairly turgid performance on a pitch which had been sodden just before kick off from sheets of rain. The pitch cut up and both sides failed to produce football which was easy on the eye. Chester had a few half chances, Eastleigh had a few better chances and eventually took one after we switched off from a throw in. Here are some thoughts…

1. Ref

There are refs that pull too much up, there are refs that try to let the game flow then there is this bloke. He gave, what, ten fouls all game? That tackle on Mahon late on was halfway up his shin, studs up and he produces a yellow. Madness. I actually don’t think he affected the game much but Christ man when someone gets kicked and the ball doesn’t it is a foul.

2. Heneghan

My MOM. Looked great in the air, comfortable on the ball, scored the winner in the derby and has a bit of pace. Let’s get him signed up for next year.

3. Hobbo

Always going to be difficult replacing McBurnie (the most Scottish name in the world?) but I actually think he did alright today. A big improvement on some of his performances recently and he nearly got on the end of a few things and started a few moves. Is he the person to lead the line for the rest of the season? I dunno. Certainly not prolific enough to keep up our outside chance of a play off place.

4. Eastleigh

Looked like a side full of old pros. Knew how to win a match and close one out. Always in the refs ear, worked out quickly how much they could get away with and took the yellows when they had to (tripping Hobson and half killing Mahon). Wouldn’t be surprised if they make the play offs but not sure if they would win them.

5. Lineswoman

Seen a comment or two about her getting some stick. Nothing against shouting at a linesman/woman but when it strays into sexism – one thing I heard was ‘you couldn’t run a washing line’ – it isn’t on. It is singling out someone for being a woman akin to racism. You (I hope) wouldn’t mention a black linesman’s colour if he missed an offside so why shout something sexist if that lady missed one? Engage brain people.

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