MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Cambridge United 0

Chester FC continued their recent unbeaten run and good defensive record by holding league leaders Cambridge to a goalless draw. Cambridge did their part of course by shanking a penalty wide in the first half and generally not creating too much. Here are some thoughts…

1. Pen

My as well start with the game’s biggest incident. Wasn’t convinced about this decision to be honest. Firstly Horan got the ball first and any contact (and there wasn’t that much) looked outside the box. Thankfully the lad who took felt charitable and obviously didn’t want to cheapen any victory with a poor decision for the pen knocking it comfortably wide. Very sporting of him.

2. Another 0-0

Certainly would have taken a draw before the game and was happy coming away with a point at the end. Is this the corner we have all been looking for? Its hard to say – what’s likely is this corner is one of those sweeping curves and isn’t a sharp bend into good form road. On balance of play I think we deserved a point. We didn’t create much but neither did they. I was happy we nullified the best team in the division so far and everyone put a shift in defensively even if we weren’t at the races going forward. Be nice to see a 1-1 though!

3. Midfield

Going forward today – pretty poor but I think they were pretty great defensively. Positioning was very good from all the midfielders although the 5 minutes when Macca kept giving the ball away were pretty frustrating!

4. Points mean…

Finally making progress with points on the board but its getting annoying that every time we pick up points so do the rest of the teams around us. Really hate looking at the table and seeing us below the dotted line.

2 responses to “MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Cambridge United 0”

  1. We have got to stop dropping back so deep in the second half of matches. We were helped on Saturday by good keeping by Danby and poor finishing by Cambridge but boy is it dangerous not to say nerve racking for us fans! Thought the penalty was pretty nailed on as did NY and George to blame for back pedalling too much, in his defence he’d just had a nasty knock.

    Titch and Reed worked hard up front but little service made life tough for themn against some big defenders. We could do with a player like their No 18 who ran the whole show in the second half when we’d resorted to hoofing the ball anywhere only to invite its immediate return into our own penalty area!

    A hard won point but we need to play in both halves of the pitch in both halves of the match!

    • Got to disagree with you slightly.
      We were too deep but only for a short period in the second half – the 10 mins Macca kept giving it away – but apart from that positionally ok.
      The angle I was at may not have been the best for the pen although I’m pretty sure George got the ball. Good point about the knock though.
      Certainly agree with the second half of the comment. Although Reed and Titch didn’t set the world alight they hardly had a sniff so can’t really blame them.
      Thanks for your thoughts though!

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