MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Barnet 5

Chester FC completely imploded as about everything which can go wrong in a single game went wrong. Five goals conceded, one red card, one missed pen and terrible performances from practically everyone. Think we were just missing a comical own goal for the set.

Obviously as Chester FC fans are among the finest in the land at hyperbole someone chucked their season ticket at Steve Burr before the end of the match in frustration. Nothing like keeping a level head one game into the season eh? Here some thoughts…

1. Positives

We still have more matches to play. Next.

2. Sending off

I like a big tackle but if you are going to go in with two feet you’ll get sent off. The ball to Harrison was pretty terrible but you just can’t do that now. Hopefully the three matches out will mean he can continue to recover from his long term injury and he can have a better 2nd game this season. Really it was at this point the game was ruined. It was 1-0 and we had a couple of chances up to that point. The main problem after the sending off was the total lack of adapting to playing with ten which left huge holes in midfield and defence which Barnet could Waltz through. Lessons to be learnt certainly.


Don’t think he could have done much about goals 1, 2 or 4 but was obviously at fault for the pen and he should have got down for the fifth which was scuffed slightly. Obviously the Danby situation isn’t great for anyone at the club and every time we concede people will be calling for his head. At the same time the crowd sarcastically cheering every touch of the ball he had spoke volumes.

One response to “MATCH BLOG – Chester FC 0 Barnet 5”

  1. of all the teams to give a man advantage; off all the managers to give a man advantage; this was a perfect storm; feel gutted for the fans who have anticipated a better second season back and after 30 minutes can see nothing but struggle ahead .
    On the plus side i was travelling and had no idea of the score developing until 6pm
    on the down side goal difference can be crucial; so even the missed pen could be a problem.
    here’s to better application at FGR BW

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