MATCH BLOG – Chester 2 Lincoln City 3

For the third time in a week Chester were involved in a five goal thriller, but for the second time this week they ended on the losing side. Lincoln, a big, bullying, time wasting kind of team came to the Lookers Vauxhall Stadium and looked like the better team for 60 minutes. Rhead – their chubby striker who looked like he spent more time in Gregs than on the training ground was the difference between the sides because he seemed to be a magnet to the high ball. I have a suspicion he had a strong gravitational pull due to his excess love of pies. He scored the first for Lincoln with a well placed header before Chapell equalised for the Blues after a low Jonny Hunt cross. Lincoln then extended their lead by two after a powerful shot, by their sub, close to the goal line managed to sneak its way past Worsnop and then Power made it 3-1 with another header. Hannah pulled one back with a wonderful curler into the bottom corner and then hit the bar moments later. Unfortunately despite causing a lot of pressure in the last half an hour the Blues didn’t trouble the scorers again. Here are some thoughts…

  1. Time wasting

I didn’t think the ref had the best game but he was very good on one point. He actually counted the amount of time Lincoln wasted. Giving four minutes and seven minutes added time to the first and second half respectively, actually meant that Lincoln’s ridiculous tactics to slow down play as often as possible (the shithouses) meant that it didn’t matter that much. Also I have never seen so many players go down with fake injuries in my life. Cheating wankers.

2. Chappel and Hannah

Probably the only two to come out of today’s match with much credit. They worked hard and looked good going forward, both scored and, for me, Chappel was MOM. Hobson had a poor game, struggling to keep hold of the ball, and Richards, when he came on really improved the team. Heneghan struggled in midfield at times and, let’s face it, after conceding eight in three games the experiment of him at DCM is working. Can he go back to CB please.

3. Their second goal

I actually think Worsnop was unlucky here and it wasn’t an error. Ok it squirmed past him and over the line but it was hit very hard very close at him and he did well to even get a hand on it. He wasn’t at fault for the other two either but for the sponsors to give him MOM doesn’t make much sense.

4. There’s a drum on his head

Anyone see the Lincoln fan who had a drum on his head while his mate was hitting it? Must have had a few shandys beforehand to numb the pain…

5. Loan market

Probably time to dip in with the squadbuilder money. I’d look for a big striker, or a quick centre back.


6 responses to “MATCH BLOG – Chester 2 Lincoln City 3”

    • Let me pull out a quote for you
      “the better team for 60 minutes”
      Sound like sour grapes?
      How about you read it before you engage keyboard next time?
      P.S. If you don’t think Rhead looks fat get some new glasses and if there is 11 minutes of extra time in total there has probably been some time wasting.

  1. Do you always use foul language to explain yourself, or is it just yesterday that frustrated you to the point that you had to? Whether Rhead is fat or not is not the point. The point is he was far too good for your defence. It took Heneghan to assault him to try and stop him. Heneghan should have been dismissed for his bullying. As for the bullying 3 of Chester’s players were booked for bad tackles or did you not notice that? What a pity you have taken the line you have as the Chester supporters I chatted to yesterday both before and after the game were very friendly and welcoming. I think you should be really pointing your ire towards your manager who is clearly struggling. It was obvious to a blind man that you needed more pace and skill on the ball to try and break Lincoln down but it took him an hour to realise that. Despite your bile I will look forward to my next visit to Chester, a ground that I enjoy visiting even given that we have had little reward for our games there. Man up. Football is a game that has a physical side. Tippy-tappy is pretty to watch but gets nowhere at Conference level.

    • There are two swear words in the whole blog. Stop being so sensitive. The only thing approaching ‘bile’ in what is a pretty good natured blog is your sexist desire for us to ‘man up’. Physicality has nothing to do with being a man or masochistic posturing. And, indeed, being a man has nothing to do with physicality.

      Other points: Rhead is obviously good, just as he is obviously fat. Heneghan was lucky to stay on the pitch. Yellow cards happen in a physical game. We are crap, yep. And finally, you seem to be conflating the frustration at the result in this blog with us being arseholes. Perhaps we are, but we haven’t said anything about your fans (and the ones I’ve met have been nice) but have focused on the time-wasting tactics of your team. They’re different things. Just to make that obvious. Enjoy watching your players lie down all season.

      • Sexist desire for you to man up? And you accuse me of being so sensitive. There was no suggestion that “us” were “A…HOLES”. I was just suggesting it was the singular “you”. Have a good season and look forward to you coming to Sincil Bank where we are unbeaten. Something you can only dream of. Toodle pip.

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