MATCH BLOG – Chester 0 Braintree Town 2

A dodgy red card, a deflected free kick and a good individual goal were the difference between Chester and Braintree this afternoon. Braintree had already had three good chances before Linwood was sent off for being the last man (wrongly). They then scored a deflected free kick and in the second half doubled their advantage after their number 10 seemed to stick the ball to his foot while four players tried to disposes him before firing past Danby into the top right corner. Here are a few thoughts…

Sending off

I spoke to a few people who seemed to think it was harsh but giveable but where I was it seemed pretty obvious the bloke running on would never get there. Linwood shouldn’t have pulled him back and it was a freekick and a yellow but, for me, it was never ever a red. The ref in general was terrible, repeatedly getting things wrong and the linos were just as bad. Sending off killed us as we were starting to get into the game a bit after a shaky start.

Peers and Sean Miller

Lovely to see them make their débuts. Credit to Mark, Bernard, Callum et al. Peers was in the game a little more than Miller but neither did themselves any harm and at least tried to take players on and cause problems even if they couldn’t quite manage to create a real opening.

Seddon and Reed

Didn’t look to bad together. Both were flicking things on to each other and had a few nice link ups. Usually stopped by the referee’s whistle.


Not going to criticise this week. After the sending off we managed to make a few half chances and looked ok going forward. At least we gave it a go unlike the last two matches which were awful. Higginbotham and Seddon stood out for me and Heath looked solid. See you in two weeks when you buy the new edition of the fanzine!

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