BLOG – Bishop’s Stortford 1-2 Chester

Three points in the bag, longest journey of the season (pending another crap draw in the FA Trophy away at somewhere like Margate or Dover) and results around us at the top of the table, went our way. Nice. Here are my thoughts from today’s game (in the commentary box).
1. Politeness
We were warned about the “warm” welcome that we would recieve from today’s hosts from our friends at the Shay Player (Halifax’s equivilent of Blues Player) They were not wrong.
Once we entered the ground, we went to take our seats in the press area. We had Shane, Paul Wheelock, Dennis Wall all taking up the space on the “Chester side”, whereas Bishop’s had effectively two press benches empty. We only glanced at the empty bench before a female steward let out a screech of “OI! NOT THERE, THERE!!!” whilst pointing furiously at the already full Chester press bench.
This led to Chris and me sitting at the back of the stand, in between the two benches whilst also blocking the stairway. Health and Safety issue much?
Anyways, as we had set up, we were lacking team sheets. As commentators, we needed them. So, I went down to the easily accessible players tunnel and was met by a rather large bloke, squeezed into one of Matalan’s finest suits. I asked for a team sheet, “How many do you lot bloody need?” was the reply I got. I said “Just the one, I’m commentating for Chester FC”, to which got the reply of “Nice for you, so what?” You know that snotty cockney accent you hear on ‘Enders sometimes? Yeah, said in that tone.
Cheers for the heads up on that, Halifax. A bit more politeness wouldn’t go amiss, Bishop’s Stortford.
2. Worldies
I love using the term “Worldies” (The TB&W editors do not condone this view, this view is James Hewitt’s alone), especially when it involves Chester FC!
We were treated to 2 very good finishes, and even Bishop’s goal was pretty special too!
The first goal, scored by Jarman, came out of the blue really. Neither side were lacking a cutting edge. A goal kick by Danby took a bounce over a Bishop’s defender, and over the shoulder of Jarman, he was about 8 yards out when he unleashed another one of his trademark netbusters on the half volley.
Lead didn’t last long, just 3 minutes, and this wasn’t bad either. Herd, the Bishop’s LB had been getting forward well throughout the game. This time though, we gave him too much space, from the left hand side of the box he hit the ball true in the top right hand corner, a shot that left Danby stranded.
Now, Antoni Sarcevic scores a few “worldie’s” and another from him today, to add to the ones scored against Villa in pre-season and Halifax in the Cup last weekend. The thing is, the goal could easily have been avoided. Clancy whipped in a corner, the goalie flapped at the ball coming towards him, his attempted punch was going out for a corner until the defender cleared the ball out. A poor clearance, the ball bounced in front of Sarce, almost invitingly, and he unleased a lovely curling shot over the goalkeeper and into the top right hand corner. A “worldie” fit to win any game.
3. Other results
As the 400-strong Chester contingent were leaving the ground, Bishop’s answer to Cleggy began reading the Full Times out. Cheers aplenty as we found that Halifax, Brackley and Guisely all lost. What would the money have been on that happening. We know that Boston are a capable side, having lost to them ourselves. But Guisely losing to Solihull raised eyebrows, as did Brackley’s capitulation at Harrogate Town. What were the reasons for the defeat there? It was a topic of conversation for the ride home, which brings me onto my next point…..
4. Long Journeys.
I hate them. There is only so much you can do when sitting in one seat for 4 hours. Listen to your MP3 player? The radio? Tweet (well, I would have if O2 had given me a bit of service) the talk on the way there was one much of anticipation. Surely, we will bounce back from FA Cup disapointment during the week? Who will Youngie pick? How much will the food and drinks cost? How many pages can we fill on the “Blues Live doesn’t work away from home thread”? Most of the questions were answered. We won 2-1, Denson played instead of the Quiff, Blues Live worked as well as it could have done, and a burger and chips was £5.50. At them prices, I avoided that, and got myself a bottle of water for a quid.
On the way home though, on a high from such a great day results wise, what do we do now?
You learn the words to “I Am A Chester Fan, I Am A Cestrian”, write them down on a notepad, ring your friends and then the OAP’s at the front all have a singalong. It was entertaining,mind, and you cannot fault the enthusiasm of the golden oldies at away games, fair dos.
5. Vauxhall Motors.
Yes, it’s our next away game (it’s a bit closer to us than Bishop’s Stortford as well), but we got closer to them today than we thought we would before our encounter. I don’t know what it is about the M6 Toll Road services, but the Hipkiss Express loves them. Stopped there on the way and on the way back for a pit stop. We bumped into the Vauxhall Motors FC playing staff. They were sampling a Costa on the way to Histon. Turns out that the players, coaching staff and supporters all got on the same coach. A coach that was a bit on the rusty side….. Will have to book that in at the factory next door me thinks. There was a bit of light hearted banter which was all taken in good spirits, we believe. See you in just over a week Motormen.
So, that just about wraps it up. A long day, but the 3 points, and the decent results around us today (plus a defeat for Wrexham!) made it all worth it!
For now, fellow Cestrians, ta-ra.

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