Issue 8 preview

This issue we have lots of treats for you whether you fancy getting a Christmas present for yourself or your planning on leaving your better half this festive season and want to soften the blow.

And what could be better for a mere £2 than one of the top six fanzines in the country? (voting still open here )

In this issue we have an interview with club scout Alex Hay, a look back at some of our best derby results as well as a close look at the latest dragon slaying, a look at Swansea City and Wigan and a collection of fairly bad jokes. It will certainly keep you occupied while you are laying waste to the porcelain throne on Boxing Day.

Just in case you aren’t convinced we have decided to give you a little sneak peek of a couple of the articles in the next zine.

Here is a snippet of one by editor Richard Bellis where he defends rubbish teams existence…

You have those conversations occasionally, someone asks: “so, who do you support?” in a half-interested manner, half-expecting you to name one of the ‘big six’ clubs. But you reply, you have to reply, “I support Chester”. This answer jerks them back to life and there’s a look: surprise, pity, confusion, ignorance – all rolled into one. Then they state the sum total of their knowledge on the subject of your team: “but, aren’t they rubbish?”

Now, it goes without saying that these people aren’t proper football fans. That this hypothetical person – who will sadly be familiar to everyone reading this – doesn’t just answer: “Oh, fair enough. How are they getting on at the minute?” proves that they’re have less of a clue than a Cluedo box set with all of the clues missing. No, these people are the kind that think that it’s unacceptable to lose any match, that there should be a European Super League, that the pub is the normal place to watch their team, that think Robbie Savage is a good pundit, that demand their club spends millions of pounds on a single player… 

And up next another snippet from the other editor Neil Bellis on what investment means at a fan owned club…

Investment. It’s the dirty word of fan owned clubs.

After the multitude of increasingly mad/appalling/gangsteresque/staggeringly incompetent owners Chester have had most fans of the club, understandably, don’t like the word.

Makes sense you would think. And let me be entirely clear in my own opinion – if any investor thinks they can get their grubby mitts on a piece of my club they have another thing coming.

But is it all bad? Well I don’t think so.

And if that won’t convince you there are lots of pretty pictures in it. Follow the link and help us donate to the Junior Blues (officially over £1k now!)

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