BLOG – Chester FC 2 – 1 Colwyn Bay. Post match thoughts.

Another win makes it 9 points out of a possible 9 for the Blues which is our best start for 34 years (I think). Not bad that. Here are a few highlights from today’s game.
1. Colwyn Bay are a dirty side. Not just nigglely little fouls either, proper full blooded kicking, elbowing, pushing, scratching our players. Still we got the points and they’ll take points off our rivals (as they already have done with Halifax) so good luck to them until they play us again.
2. The ref was terrible. How many fouls did it take to get a player booked today? To be fair couldn’t really argue with the bookings when he did actually give them but they took too long coming meaning that for too long the some of the more ‘agricultural’ CB players kicked lumps out of ours.
3. Frank Sinclair is rubbish. You have to admire a player who goes down the leagues to continue playing. He probably doesn’t need the money but does it just for the love of the game. Sadly the bit of the game he loves is hoofing the ball out of play when under no pressure, fouling strikers and winding up people by pretending he is better than he is. Who pretends that they are having a fag in the middle of a game? A nobhead that’s who.
4. Jarman, Hankin and Mills are good. The best three for me today. Especially Jarman, took his goal nicely and linked play well. Would be brilliant if we could keep Mills for the season too!
5. A lot of people near me don’t know the offside rule. For the people in C block. The player has to touch, or challenge for the ball to be offside. It isn’t offside if the bloke is standing offside but is nowhere near the ball.


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