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BLOG – Solihill Moors 0-3 Chester. Post Match Thoughts

Chester continue their fantastic run of form and make it five wins out of five. It was a solid rather than spectacular performance against a limited (read: a bit rubbish) Moors side, with the highlight being Jarman’s outstanding volley early in the match. Overall it was a pretty standard day out for the Blues: a […]

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BLOG – Mag Review: Stand AMF

You might have noticed something recently. That nagging sensation that all is not right with modern football. Commercialisation, price increases, sterilisation of atmosphere, the idea of a football club being an ‘investment’, governing bodies who chase money rather than govern, fluorescent boots, John Terry… the list is endless. Yet, we, the humble fan seem to have little sway in the […]

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BLOG – Altrincham 2 -4 Chester FC Post Match Thoughts

Well we may as well address the room full of elephants. Whilst I didn’t actually see any trouble at the game apparently there was some. I don’t know who was responsible for starting it but I’m hopeful that the authorities will sort it. If you are the kind of bloke who likes to punch people […]

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BLOG – Chester FC 2 – 1 Colwyn Bay. Post match thoughts.

Another win makes it 9 points out of a possible 9 for the Blues which is our best start for 34 years (I think). Not bad that. Here are a few highlights from today’s game. 1. Colwyn Bay are a dirty side. Not just nigglely little fouls either, proper full blooded kicking, elbowing, pushing, scratching […]

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BLOG – Chester 1-0 Workington. Post Match Thoughts

Ben Mills’ super shot proved decisive today as the Blues won in a hard fought game. That makes it six out of six for Neil Young’s men from only two goals, very efficient. Again, at the expense of writing a proper article, I’m just going to do a few bullet points of things I thought about […]

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BLOG – Oxford City 0-1 Chester. Post Match Thoughts

A first day victory for the Blues, the first in six years, was a just reward for an excellent display. Iain Howard’s goal separated the two sides, but the difference was a committed and impressive display of teamwork from Chester. Here are my highlights (in no order or coherent thought): 1) It was really bloody hot. It […]

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BLOG – Pre-Season Ratings

As pre-season is almost over I thought I’d take a look at what we might have learnt before the season begins. Obviously the only real test is actual, competitive games as there are always mitigating circumstances why players may not play so well before the rough and tumble of league action begins again. Whether that’s […]

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BLOG – Chester Youth Development

Youth development is a funny kind of thing for the ordinary fan. We all like to know that it is happening, but often we’re not completely sure what it is that is going on. Of course, we know that there are players and training sessions and matches, but how does this all fit in with […]

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BLOG – A Peek at Wrexham’s Finances

It was reported in the Daily Post yesterday that Wrexham FC will lose a total of £200,000 this season. Whilst on the surface this seems like bad news for Wrexham FC fans it actually is good news as they were forecast to lose £700,000 this season but thanks to their run in the FA cup, […]

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BLOG- Squad Building

Slowly, very very slowly, the season is getting closer. I’m probably not the only one who is desperate for the pre-season friendlies to come along, to start looking at the squad we’ve assembled and discussing our chances in the Blue Square North (BSN). Of course, we have to wait a bit longer for that, but […]

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