BLOG – Wrexham 0-2 Chester. Post Match Thoughts

Two early goals through Paul Linwood and Lewis Turner proved to be enough to beat a poor Wrexham side. Chester, who gave a debut to former Stoke player Danny Higginbotham, were the better side throughout – first to any loose balls and confident in defence and possession. A late red card for Ashley Williams was the only blot on the day, after he stupidly pushed at the face of a Wrexham player. Here are a few thoughts about today’s match….

1. Fans

Largely were excellent from both sides. I say this as I actually sat in the home end (due to being a carer), and many Wrexham fans were extremely pleasant, though naturally disappointed with the outcome of the match. It was great hearing Chester out sing the Goats too. However, what is not on is 1) producing banners mocking the dead and 2) throwing seats in response (source Chester Chron).

2. Higginbotham and Linwood

Both did extremely well. Higginbotham’s debut was excellent and it showed why he had played at such a high level, we’ve got quite a player there. Likewise Linwood had a storming game (though his goal was about a yard offside!) and was my man of the match. I think looking forward a defense of McIntyre, Higginbotham, Linwood and Kay won’t go far wrong. Very pleasing to see!

3. Midfield

Despite our illustrious signing taking all of the pre-match headlines, this was actually the most interesting change that Neil Young made, as well as the most effective. We played a diamond shaped midfield in the first half: Harrison our defensive anchor, Laidler our attacking midfield and the Turners on either side. When out of possession the Turners would help the full-backs, but when in possession one would be wide with the other more central. It was this combination that directly led to the second goal. Nathan’s excellent work on the wing finding Mills, who passed it on to the better positioned Turner who placed in the bottom corner. Second half was a more traditional 442, as the introduction of Ashley Williams in place of Laidler (who was very unlucky to be subbed) saw Chester adopt a more defensive approach. Considering the bollocking the Wrexham players would have received at half time, this was probably very sensible.

4. Mayebi

One of the myriad of reasons this match was not televised was because Mayebi might be away for international duty on Monday. Frankly, considering BT Sport were effectively willing to pay for Mayebi not to play, they made the wrong decision. He has awful distribution and should have done better on the first goal. Cheers for being stupid Wrexham!

5. Mills and Titchener

Think we’ve found our best pairing up front!


Just let it sink in… three years ago we were kicking off at Warrington, now we’ve beaten our biggest rivals away for the first time in 35 years. And they were in the play-offs last season. And we’re part-time. And we hadn’t got a point until today. And we outplayed them… Unbelievable.

Well, with the first, brilliant, win of the season out of the way, roll on Dartford on Saturday!

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  1. Thanks Richard. Great blog as usual. Glad to her that the Wrexham fans were courteous to you and your brother. Regar, Jim.

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