BLOG – Woking 5-2 Chester

Though the final score looks heavy, in truth the match flattered Woking slightly as the result was heavily influenced by Ben Heneghan’s sending off in the first half an hour. Woking converted the resultant penalty from Heneghan’s foul and added two soon after the break (from two excellent finishes) before Michael Kay scored his first goal for the club with a really good header. Woking added a fourth after being given too much room before John Rooney put in an excellent free kick. Woking got a fifth late on to really put the nail in the coffin. Chester will be disappointed but the result was understandable after playing against a good Woking side for 70 odd minutes with 10 men in some silly heat. Here are a few thoughts on the game.

1. The Foul

When I first saw it I thought Heneghan had got it, but others who were closer were much more understanding about the decision. In short, there was no need for Heneghan to slide in there. The bloke was through and he’d have been better off staying on his feet (even if that meant us going 1-0 down) and us keeping 11 on. We scored two with 10. We could have done the same with 11. They were a good side who deserved the win, but if it was 11 v 11 I’d have been confident of a point.

2. Double sub

At first glance one of the odder double subs you’ll see (Tonge and Kay on for Shaw and Chapell) but I think at 3-1 down Burr had decided the game was gone and wanted a couple of players to get a run out. Kay needed to stretch his legs before coming in for Heneghan next match (and it was great to see him get a goal!), whilst Tonge coming on allowed Higgins to be pushed up and tried out at right midfield (and he did alright too).

3. Hobbo

Not his day today. I’m surprised that Burr started with him given the heat and think he’d of done a lot better coming on in the second half. In the end he was unlucky not to get a penalty in the first half and kept trying in the second. I think what he’s lacking is some confidence. This situation would be helped if fans from his own team stopped shouting that he’s shit during matches. Yeah, he’s not the best striker ever, but we need a big bloke up top and he can play a bit so fits the bill. Back him in the stands, complain about him in the pub.

4. Luck

So I decided to wear shorts today. I was also selling fanzines. These were both tempting thunderstorms. In addition I brought a friend and my girlfriend for their first games, again terribly tempting fate. It’s obvious then, that our loss was all my fault. I can only apologise. At least it was an excellent away day (aside from the delayed train that made me 20 minutes late!).

Away to Macclesfield next means another tough match. We’ll need to turn things around things soon if we’re to have a proper crack at the play-offs, but I’m confident we can do it. Thanks to everyone who bought a fanzine, we’re at Macc if you missed us.


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