BLOG – Vauxhall Motors 0-3 Chester – Post Match Thoughts

First of all, I’ve promised myself to get through this blog without making any puns about motoring or Halloween. This is not easy for me, as someone who finds jokes increasingly funny the more obvious the are, so please bear with me

So, tonight’s game. To be honest, it wasn’t one that will live long in the memory – in fact I’ve forgotten most of it already. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good away win at a tricky ground to visit against a team who were clearly up for it, but I didn’t think it was a great advert for the division. We were basically watching a limited but hardworking side whose best efforts were not enough against a better team who weren’t entirely on song. Chester fans who weren’t undercover got cold, wet, then colder in wet clothes. All in all, job done, but it wasn’t a terribly enjoyable night despite the win and despite Vauxhall’s preparations for our visit being very good.

It was particularly a night to forget for Vauxhall right-back Connor Roberts-Nurse, who firstly shinned Tony Gray’s excellent cross into his own net to give us the lead before, soon after, picking up what I thought was a rather harsh red card. I’m not sure his sending off made a great deal of difference to the match – Vauxhall didn’t exactly change the way they played after it and were pretty industrious and harrying right from the off. What it may have done is tire them out slightly quicker as they had to account for the missing man, allowing the second half to be very one-sided.

A few other observations on the game:

1. Terrific debut from Danny Williams. I’m not quite sure why Youngy felt it necessary to bring another left-sided player to the club but he has a habit of getting these things right and, on that performance, Danny can only be a good addition to the squad. He linked up very nicely with Clancy down the left, has a great delivery on him and deserved his goal. Good to see Ash Williams back in the mix as well, although the Blues Live team were probably relieved that Marc Williams missed the game, or they would’ve been commentating on a Chester team with more Williams that the House of Normandy.

2. Tony Gray got a chance to start up front and impressed me. I think once he gets his first goal, we’ll start to see what he’s really all about. Chester’s other recent signing, Luke Denson, has also not really shown us his best yet and struggled tonight. It’s early days yet though, and I remember some fans last season thinking Liam Brownhill wasn’t a good enough right-back at the start of last season, yet he went on to have a very solid campaign.

3. It was nice to keep a clean sheet – our first since we beat Guiseley 4-0. In truth, John Danby had a quiet night apart from a couple of scares in the first half.

4. Loved the third goal from Clancy – a rare moment of quality in the match

Vauxhall are a nice club to visit – they do things in the right way and I thought their preparations tonight were spot on, but I think Rivacre Park is probably a more pleasant ground in the pre-season sunshine than on a murky, squelchy October night. All in all, top of the league? Yes indeed! Having a laugh? Not really. Having a cocoa and going to bed, more like!

2 responses to “BLOG – Vauxhall Motors 0-3 Chester – Post Match Thoughts”

  1. Very well organised by Motors who then proceeded to commit Hari Kari with an own goal and needless sending off . Awful night weatherwise and the pitch that was a bit bumpy to start with became very greasy as well.

    We do miss Matty McGinn and our set pieces are not coming off at the moment, particularly when we try some clever short corner and then fail to get the ball into the area!

    Dom Collins back to his dominant self last night after an off-day on Saturday and he and Linny had them pretty well bottled up. Thought Scott Brown was not firing on all cylinders, not getting hold of ball and when he did getting caught in possession too often. Difficult to see how he and Ash can play together and we looked much stronger when Levi came on to partner Ash in the second half. Sarcs maybe lost the ball a bit too often trying to be a bot too clever on a pitch that wasn’t up to it but he did work really hard for the cause.

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