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As 2012 comes to a close, we thought it’d be fun to take a glance back at what was a fantastic calender year for Chester FC and give out some virtual awards for various achievements and failures during the year. Of course, it isn’t completely serious and there’s not a huge amount of thought behind our choices, so feel free to add your own choices or even awards in below. After all, we’re all fans at the end of the day and all our opinions are as valid as each other’s.

Unless you’re wrong of course.

Anyway, without further ado, here are our winners of bits of binary code…

Player of 2012

Richard: For me it has to be John Danby. He’s been a rock at the back and has made some fantastic saves over the course of the year, especially in the current BSN campaign. There have been several occasions where a save at a key point of the match has spurred us on to the win and, for me, Danby doesn’t get anywhere near the credit he deserves.

Neil: Antoni Sarcevic. He is our best player. Really grown as a player since his permanent arrival in November 2011. Now one of our most consistent performers and always manages to create something when he is on the ball. I hope we keep him for a long time or sell him for a very large fee.

Goal of 2012

Neil: Probably not everyone’s pick but I really liked Micheal Powell‘s goal against Altrincham at the start of the season.  Such a good turn to set himself up for a crucial goal when we went onto win.

Richard: Well, there are several great contenders here, but for me it has to be Matty McGinn‘s screamer against Northwich. There was so much tension in the ground and it all came out in that one, huge roar after he hammered home the ball, right into the top corner.

Best Match

Richard: Special mentions for Halifax (league game) and Stalybridge away, but for me it has to be Ebbsfleet away. Blues fans that day were all so up for it and the atmosphere was great. Chester played very well against a team two divisions higher and were only undone due to more clinical striking from the Conference side. Brilliant away day despite the loss.

Neil: Northwich Victoria at home. Such a great day even though it was a draw. Brilliant to lift the title at home with so many games left of the season against our closest rivals that season.

Best Opposition Side

Neil: FC Halifax Town we have been outplayed in all the games we have had against them so far and come out with two good results. I think we are better now than we were at the start of the season so I’m looking forward to the next one.

Richard: Easily FC Halifax Town. They’ve given us three bloody good games (so far), have some quality players and have a manager who knows his tactics and how to change a game. It means the games are exciting to watch, and interesting too.

Best Away Day

Richard: Very, very tough award to give out as so many teams pull out all the stops for us. Special mentions for Stocksbridge Park Steels, Mickleover Sports and Oxford City. But for me it has to be Matlock Town. A beautiful day, a beautiful setting and a Michael Wilde winner. Very enjoyable with a cracking burger too.

Neil: Stocksbridge Park Steels. They were properly nice to us. The steward made the chairman move his car so we could park closer with Gaz (our brother in a wheelchair) and came over a few times to see how we were. Enjoyed the game and the view to!

Best Away Fans at the Exacta

Neil: Late winner for this award for me. Hinckley United fans cheering clearances and throw ins brought a smile to most fans in the Exacta. Shame to see the position they are in but with passionate fans like that I’m sure they will be fine.

Richard: I was really impressed by Northwich Victoria fans staying behind to clap the championship winning team.

Signing of the Year

Neil: The one, the only Ben Mills. Took bloody long enough to get here mind.

Richard: Extending Antoni Sarcevic‘s contract until 2014. Very shrewd by the club.

Worst Signing of the Year

Richard: Chester Racecourse as caterers. Think I’ve said enough there really!

Neil: Probably Adam ProudlockDidn’t get a game after all.

Deva Chat Meltdown of the Year *puts tin hat on*

Neil: When is a pie not a pie? When it doesn’t have sides and has a pastry hat on instead. Never seen so many threads on the same topic with people properly losing it on there. Look I’m not saying the catering is the best (do like the chips though) but isn’t one moan enough for some people? Suppose we don’t have the team/owners/FA to moan about any more.

Richard: The furore over some CFU candidates naming which other candidates they’d like to be on the board with on their manifestos. I really didn’t get the problem with this one. All they did was say: “I think x would be good on the board”. What’s wrong with that? It’s just their opinion after all. CFU members have their own opinions and they can vote however they want, they’re big boys and girls after all.

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  1. An excellent and enjoyable read yet again from the Bellamy brothers. Thanks lads for all the effort you put into this. Much appreciated. Jim.

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