BLOG – Match report Boston 3 -2 Chester FC

Chester’s 100% record came to an end today as Boston took apart Chester’s defence in the first half before two Iain Howard strikes made the score look a fair bit more respectable. Here are a few of my highlights.

The first half.

It’s fair to say we were awful. I don’t want to pick out any players in particular because no-one exactly covered themselves in glory and everyone was pretty crap. The midfield were totally dominated, the defence were totally outpaced and the strikers barely got the ball and we were punished for it, three times. When the third one went in it was one of those moments when you question what the hell you’re doing with your life. Just like the old days.


I think part of the problem was being too narrow. Against Halifax we played two proper wingers and got overrun in the midfield, Youngy then changed this in game by bringing Sarc on for a winger and then started Sarc at left wing vs. Guisley. This made the whole midfield much more narrow and stopped their midfield ticking over at all. Today however this totally backfired as their wingers were so bloody quick (I’m not blaming Sarc for this by the way, I actually thought he was one of our best players today). A rare mistake by Youngy and one that probably won’t happen again.

Iain Howard, Iain Howard, Iain Howard, Iain Howard (SING IT).

Came on at half time (no doubt after the rest of the team got a massive bollocking) and was brilliant. Two nice goals and caused lots of problems until their manager brought on a sub to double up on him, which stifled him a lot and made us look a lot less dangerous.


I don’t usually like this term. It makes our play sound aimless when usually it is just a long pass. Today though, a lot of it was pretty aimless. After our second went it we relied too much on getting it in the ‘mixer’ without building pressure through the midfield meaning a lot of it came straight back to us or straight through to the keeper.

The ground

Liked it. Nice and old fashioned with a weird looking stand behind the other goal opposite us. Made a pretty big noise, and good atmosphere when the fans were singing. Some pretty good insults flying both ways as well.

Mills goodbye?

Is this the last time we’ll see him in the Blue and White? Suppose we’ll find out soon but I hope we manage to get him and I can’t imagine the club paying over the odds for a striker again. Still good second half display from him and a nice assist for Howard’s first.

Long journeys

Drive you mad don’t they? Decided to go to KFC with my brother post-bus and we made up a song about chicken on the way. Not good for you this.

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