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You might have noticed something recently. That nagging sensation that all is not right with modern football. Commercialisation, price increases, sterilisation of atmosphere, the idea of a football club being an ‘investment’, governing bodies who chase money rather than govern, fluorescent boots, John Terry… the list is endless. Yet, we, the humble fan seem to have little sway in the places that matter. Yes, fan ownership now exists and is starting to flourish even. But all of that will count for very little so long as those with the power have the wrong priorities and chase that elusive sack of endless gold.

This is where Stand: Against Modern Football comes in. Or should I say bursts in, setting alight half and half scarves and giving a swift kick in the goolies to Mark bloody Lawrenson.

The idea is simple: something isn’t right about modern football and that isn’t right. The first issue is a thoroughly attractive 48 page fair of disgruntlement with plastic football, tales of financial mismanagement and harking back to the good old days, with a good amount of  vitriol and wit thrown in for good measure.

Of course, it’s not perfect. Some of the articles are rather similar to each other, which endangers Stand with becoming a bit repetitive. However, it is the first issue and knowing at first hand how difficult it is to launch a fanzine, I can very much forgive them for it. After all, the point of the fanzine isn’t to create a brilliantly balanced magazine, but to represent the views of the writers. And Stand certainly does that.

Even so, issue 1 is well worth your £2. The highlights include the wonderful articles on Brighton’s new stadium, Postiv Lakarkultur and the use of the word “thundercunt”. Stand have also taken a leaf out of our book and designed it brilliantly.  It is an exciting new magazine, full of energy and ideas. It’s early days yet, but it looks as though Stand has a great future ahead of it.

You can buy issue 1 of Stand AMF here –


2 responses to “BLOG – Mag Review: Stand AMF”

  1. For a fanzine intended to help the JUNIOR Blues, is it appropriate to have this on the front page of the website?

    Look at this @WankersFullKit – Roger Federer! 1 day ago

    Surely this should be removed?

    • I assume you mean the use of a swear word?
      We (the editors) decided that the fanzine would always have any swears asterisked out in case any child had a read of any of the articles. With the website however we felt that the people reading it would likely be adults or teenagers who have probably heard worse before anyway so we didn’t think it was necessary to censor the website in the same way.
      Also, whilst the profits of the fanzine are given to the JBs we have never aimed any of our articles at that age range, we have always meant the fanzine to be read by adults and the same goes for the website.
      Hope that helps.
      P.S. Literally no idea why you have linked the Federer thing but it is funny.

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