BLOG – Macclesfield 3-2 Chester

A chance laden game went the way of Macclesfield after Chester were on the wrong end of two questionable offside calls. Gareth Seddon opened the scoring with a great finish, but slack defending from a throw and then a corner allowed Macclesfield to go into the break 2-1 up. In between those goals Chester had two goals disallowed for offside, both of which were extremely close calls. After half time more poor defending allowed Macc to score a third from a cross. John Rooney pulled one back late on with a deflected shot, but the final chance of the game was blasted over by Seddon and our chance of a point was lost. Here are some thoughts on the game.

1. Getting in

An incredibly tinpot ticketing situation at Macclesfield led to many, including myself, missing the first 15-20 minutes of the match. Great value for £14 that, Macclesfield. Basically they had two people in the away ticket office serving 400-500 Chester fans and they were quickly overwhelmed. One steward said that it was like that from when the coaches arrived and considering they always arrive well before kick-off it just shows you how badly thought-out the ticketing situation was. Whilst hundreds of naturally pissed-off, but very good natured, Chester fans queued for tickets the turnstiles were completely clear. The easy solution would have been to give the turnstiles the floats and have 400-500 fans served by 4-6 turnstiles. But, you know, why worry about half you gate, eh Macclesfield?

2. Set pieces

A long throw and a free-kick somehow produced two free headers for Macclesfield. That’s poor. Their third was at least a good piece of forward play, but the first two goals harked back to the start of the season where we couldn’t defend a corner to save our lives. It’s basic stuff and it really has to be sorted out. Young did that by concentrating on not conceding. Burr is more attack minded, so it’ll be a balance, but we really can’t rely on the other team fluffing their chances every week.

3. Attacking

The main positive to take from the match is that we made loads of chances. I thought the two disallowed goals – especially the first – were harshly ruled out, though there is certainly some disagreement over that. Either way, we had the ball in the net four times and had a number of good chances, two coming in the last ten minutes which really should have been buried. It was a bit of an odd team out though, basically Burr put all of our attacking players on after half-time (as Jarrett was on his way to a red) and Bond (who was good) was left to sweep up behind. It was tough for him, but at least there was plenty in front of him to pass to, though only Rooney and Seddon had good games in the attacking third really.

4. Menagh

Was very unlucky to miss out I thought. He’s one of the few players that I actually would like to see at the club next season. He does need to work on his defending true, but he can create a chance and score a goal. Both things we’re crying out for at the minute. If we’re going to go for the two holding players midfield (Bond and Miller in the future please), then it could allow Menagh to be higher up the pitch, which would be pretty dangerous for any opposing side…

Well, Aldershot up next in what will be a tough game. Let’s home we can start getting points on the board again and stay out of the relegation places! COYB!

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