BLOG – Hinckley Utd 0-6 Chester. Post Match Thoughts

Chester were certainly favorites to win before the match kicked off, and the Blues’ players delivered a comfortable victory. Nathan Jarman started the scoring off after two minutes, before goals were added by Curran, Sarcevic (two), Gray and Brown. Here are some thoughts about that game that might be related to it, but not necessarily.

1. He’s a keeper

Sometimes you see something quite unique. It’s probably happened before and will happen again, but I doubt I’ll have another chance to see a goalkeeper subbed on for a defender, with the current goalkeeper going into the changing room to get changed and play outfield. It summed up Hinckley’s situation perfectly: faintly ridiculous, but foreboding. Hopefully the cash Chester fans brought will see them at least as far as the end of the year.

2. Lively

Chester had a couple of lively performers today. No-one really stood out but Jarman, Tony Gray, Nathan Turner and Paul Linwood all impressed me today. All worked hard and did well in their respective areas, as well as helping out in others. It’s kind of expected for midfielders and strikers to defend and attack these days, but what a cross from Linwood for the first goal!

3. Catering *opens can of worms*

Nothing like giving the punters what they want. The chicken curry and chips went down a treat (although I’m not sure it was really chicken) and there was plenty of other goodies available for the discerning punter. There are two reasons that I can see for this: 1) They wanted to make as much money from catering as possible, so went out of their way to deliver it, and 2) They had the facilities to do so. Could this be a pointer for Chester?

Well, I can’t speak for the Racecourse’s priorities, but it should be assumed that they want to make some money. One thing I should point out though, is that the facilities in the kiosk areas of the Exacta are awful. That limits what the Racecourse can do, of course, as building work will need to be done to correct it. Also if something is available in one kiosk, it’ll need to be available in all of the kiosks, meaning if they want to sell proper pies, they need to buy six(?) ovens. That adds up. So, how about another catering van or two which can be accessed mid-game (as the fish and chip van can be now), with the kiosks only selling hot/cold drinks and snacks?

4. Sideshow Bob

On a lighter note, their number 10 definitely had a passing resemblance to a certain Simpsons character! His number was also an indicator of his age I think, Hinckley were certainly playing some young lads today. I wish them all the best for the rest of the season.

Well, that’s all from me today. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to look past today’s result as anything other than being ‘another day at the office’. And not one of those interesting days either, more a productive, hard-working day that needs to be put in every now and then… Still, feel free to disagree with me in the comments below.

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