BLOG – Halifax trouble, twitter reaction

The main talking point from today’s game, sadly, isn’t about the football. During the game I tried on the TB&W twitter feed to give an idea of what was going on in the ground and what the fans inside the ground actually thought about it all. I thought that I would post a print screen of the fairly long twitter feed from today to give an idea about how events unfolded so people can (hopefully) be fully informed.

If you can’t be bothered reading a load of tweets the main points to take from fellow fans are these – it was Halifax fans who started it, the steward and police response was not up to scratch, it caused young families to leave the stadium with their children before the game had finished and it ruined the first half entirely (obviously).

Obviously we can’t give a complete overview about what happened, for example we don’t follow too many Halifax fans but I imagine that the majority are ashamed of the absolute throbbers who showed up today. We also don’t have any idea what possessed anyone to show up to a football match to attack fans but I hope that they’ll have a bit of time in a tiny cell to re-evaluate their lives.

Anyway onto the tweets (sorry about the fact that they are the wrong chronological way round).



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