BLOG – Halifax 3-1 Chester. Post Match Thoughts

A man of the match performance from the referee set Halifax on the way through to face Lincoln in the next round of the FA Cup. Chester were unable to cope with the thirteen men of the Shaymen despite Marc Williams’ first goal of the season. The Blues are now left to concentrate on the league, and will have to look to the FA Trophy to provide that glorious cup-run we all desire so much. Here are some things that I thought about the match (minus most of the swearing).

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) The ref

What. Was. Powell. Sent. Off. For? I mean seriously. No Chester fan I know saw anything, no Halifax fan appealed for anything and both sets of teams looked bewildered when the red card came out. It seems that the assistant ref has a fantastic set of eyes to be able to see something that 1,500 people and 22 players couldn’t. Or he was being incompetent. Make your own mind up. Apparently Powell was sent off for motioning to headbutt someone, which means that he didn’t headbutt someone. Again, make your own mind up.

Of course, we could have lived with this utterly random and game changing decision, that ruined our chances of progressing to the next round, if the referee hadn’t been so unbelievably bias. At the half time whistle Marc Williams was punched in the face by a Halifax player. I saw it clearly from the back of the stand, Marc Williams began to hold his face before appealing to the ref, as did several other players and the management team and the Halifax player in question quickly legged it down the tunnel. What made it worse was that it happened right in front of the referee. He just didn’t care.

Then, there is ignoring blatant violent conduct and plain not being able to recognise a foul. Mr Williams once again was the victim. This time he was bundled off the ball in a rather illegal manner. The ref played on, a Halifax player was fouled, a good advantage given before Halifax scored their third of the night, killing off the contest and the mini-revival that Chester had mounted, despite being down to ten men thanks to the referee’s utter uselessness.

You know what ref, I go to matches to watch the football, not you cunting around and waving cards at people. That goes for you too assistant ref, stop waving that arsing flag for fun. I know you’re pleased that you have a job, but don’t be so expressive about it you nobber.

7) Marc Williams

Cracking game from him and I’m really glad to see him get his first goal of the season. It was really well deserved for all the hard work he put in. I’m sure he’ll bag a few more soon.

8) FA Cup

Well, it was annoying that we got knocked out, but it means that we can concentrate on the league. And hey, there’s always next year.

That’s all for tonight, sorry about this blog being all about the ref, but frankly he ruined the game for us. It was shaping up to be a great cup tie too. We’ll have to make amends in the league in January now! Feel free to add your comments below.


6 responses to “BLOG – Halifax 3-1 Chester. Post Match Thoughts”

  1. Absolute sour grapes. The referee was good and let the game flow and didn’t get involved too much. You need to get your facts right in that our 9 (Johnson) said post-match that your number 2 elbowed him in the box, but he didn’t roll round like a pratt and got on with. However the linesman saw it and rightly told the referee it was a red card. You must have really good vision to see that Hogan punched Williams which was none existent and trying to get our player sent off for nothing, which is clearly cheating.

    • bad loser!!

      FC Halifax were easily the better team – infact in all three games we were better than Chester…see you in January – we will be above you by then. Your bubble has burst…

    • Very strange then how warmly the Halifax fans in the stands clapped the officials off the field at both half time and the end.But perhaps that’s sour grapes too?

  2. Cheers for the comments guys. I realise this isn’t my most complimentary piece of writing.

    First I’d like to point out that Halifax did play very well. Before the sending off they were controlling the game and deservedly led. Similarly after the sending off they continued to play well and put the game to bed.

    However, I stand by my comments about the referee. I’m not saying that if Powell hadn’t been sent off that we would have won. I’m saying that he shouldn’t have been sent off and that if he hadn’t it would have been a lot better match for it.

    ShaymanFan, just so you know these blogs aren’t researched on purpose (as they’re supposed to be a gut reaction, rather than a match report or proper analysis – we save that kind of thing for actual, physical fanzine), which is why I didn’t pick up on what Johnson claimed. To be honest I’m not really sure what to make of it. Personally I’m still of the opinion that there wasn’t enough evidence to send Powell off, but I would think that! And I also definitely did see Williams get punched, so that saves me a trip to the optician.

    nw3casc1, I’d say that yesterday is definitely not an accurate reflection of the Chester team. We started the match with two defenders and ended it with one for example, so it was very much patched up. The first cup match was pretty even in my opinion and in the league match Halifax had the better of the play, but Chester made better, and crucially, more chances. So in a rather mazy conclusion a win each and a draw is probably a fair reflection of the three games.

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