BLOG – Halifax 1-1 Chester. Post Match Thoughts

An early goal from Marc Williams – which was early enough for me to miss it completely, as my mates took ages drinking that extra pint in the pub we got in after we heard the kick-off was delayed – was not enough for Chester to claim all three points, after Halifax got a bit lucky with their equaliser and we missed a load of sitters. Here are a few thoughts on the match…

1. Open

There was definitely an end-of-season, slightly-meaningless-match feel about this one. It was reasonably end to end, but the main thing that I noticed was that the midfield was incredibly open, especially towards the end of the match. That was obviously in part due to tiredness, but I think it was also due to everyone knowing that, well, it didn’t really matter. At one point in the last ten minutes there was a distance of around 80 yards between the last defender on either team (not including keepers!) – that’s mad!

2. Sitters

In the last few minutes Marc Williams and Nathan Jarman each had a great chance to win the game for Chester, both of them didn’t manage to do so. Williams was the guiltier of the two, hitting it straight into the middle of the goal where Glennon was sprawled. Jarman was foiled by an excellent save, but it was still frustrating to see two great opportunities pass us by.

3. Wes Baynes

Really good to see him back. I thought he had a very solid game, though he faded before he was substituted for Hankin, which is understandable considering he hasn’t played for a while. For me, he’s a hell of a lot better than Lewis Turner. Turner’s good: he’s full of energy, has a bit of pace and is a great option to have; but Baynes is both a more solid defender and much better on the ball with his range of passing.

4. Pubs

If you had the pleasure of sampling the Ossett Brewery’s Blonde ale at the Three Pigeons as I did, then you 1) have excellent taste, and 2) are very lucky. Halifax is a cracking place for a pint of real ale and it’d be great to have a Saturday afternoon fixture against them in the summer time. Couple of pints in the various pubs, watch the match, few more pints then off for a night in Leeds (if you’re so inclined). Yes please. Come on ‘fax, you can win the play-offs!

Well, that’s all from me for tonight and this season on the blog, as I can’t get to the Worcester game. Hopefully we’ll get someone to fill in, but I just want to quickly thank everyone who’s made the print fanzine such a success this year again. We’ve increased the amount we’ve donated to the Junior Blues this year by £75 to £450, which is brilliant and the issues are just getting better and better. We’ll be back with the blog over the summer and with the fanzine in August. See you in the Conference!

3 responses to “BLOG – Halifax 1-1 Chester. Post Match Thoughts”

  1. Anothr excellent blog Richard and many,many thanks to you and all the Bellamy brothers for your work on the blog and the fanzine this season. It really is appreciated! Cheers, Jim .

    • It wasn’t.
      Thursday 25th April Halifax 1 Chester 1. Double checked on official website.
      We did beat them 2-1 at home in September so maybe that’s what you are thinking of.
      We also drew 1-1 at home in the FA cup in October and then lost 3-1 away in the cup a few days later.

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