BLOG – Guiseley 2-1 Chester. Post Match Thoughts

Chester lost only their second game of the season away to Guiseley, after defensive errors allowed Guiseley two goals. Their first was from a very well-placed free-kick that was given away a bit needlessly on the edge of the area, and their second from a nicely finished one on one chance after McGinn had rather made a hash of an attempted interception. These goals were sandwiched by an own-goal from a Chester corner, which I didn’t really see properly. Here are a few things I thought about the match…

1. Close

To be fair to Guiseley, they did give us a decent game. I thought we were very unlucky to lose, but I’d rather watch a well contested game between two decent teams than a walkover any day. It was a shame in a way that the deciding goal came through a poor error, but tight games are often decided by such cruel means. We missed some very good chances – Sarcevic’s one on one springs to mind there – so can’t complain if our opponents take one of theirs. I do wonder, though, if we would have lost if there was still something for us to play for…

2. Ground

Is Guiseley’s ground suitable for Conference football? I don’t really know a lot about the ground grading regulations but, though one stand was rather nice, it didn’t seem as though the rest of it was really up to it. Either way they need to get their segregation sorted out. The first half was very cramped and that only alleviated in the second after those morons in the Guiseley end were kicked out (something which I thought the stewards dealt with very, very well) and the covered terrace was given to Chester fans. You’d think with Chester’s end being all ticket that Guiseley would have known how much space Chester would have needed…

3. Horan

I was surprised that he didn’t play in the second half, with Lewis Turner filling in at centre back and Wes Baynes coming on at right back. He was having his usual excellent game up until that point, but the point I wanted to make is how lucky we’ve been with injuries this season. Ben Mills aside, I can’t think of any long term injuries this season and when we did pick up injuries, we’ve been able to effectively cover them without too much trouble. Now, of course, Linwood is out for quite a while and Horan could be out for a while, but this is certainly the best time of year for this to happen. The title is won after all, the pressure is off.

In saying that though, I am ignoring the rather important matter of the Cheshire Senior Cup final on Wednesday. I for one can’t wait for the evening at Wincham Park and hopefully it’ll give us our second piece of silverware of the season! See you there.

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  1. Thanks again Richard. I thought we were poor in the first half and were lucky to go in level. Second half though we came out much more determined and really started to boss the game. I think had Sarc scored when one on one with thier keeper , we would have gone on to win the game. He didn’t though and think that was a turning point. They played very well and had the greater conviction than us but this is understandable on our part with the Title already in the bag. Thought their No 5 , Mills, was immense and won everything thrown at him.Like you, really looking forward to Wednesday now and then next Saturday of course! Que serra serra!

    Cheers, Jim.

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