BLOG – Gainsborough Trinity 1-1 Chester. Post Match Thoughts

Chester’s first match in the FA Cup since reforming ended in something of an anti-climax as we were held to a draw with a solid Gainsborough Trinity outfit. Chester conceded early but managed to equalise before half time through a Nathan Jarman strike. The second half was just awful. Here are a few things I noticed (rather later than usual).

1) Connor

Paul Connor the Gainsborough captain had a very good game. Scored their goal with an excellent header from a cross from their left-back and was a pain for the defence all afternoon. I can’t help thinking we could do with a tall striker who gets about on the pitch. Two strikers is not enough. I know we have signed this Redshaw bloke which is a start, but we need another striker. From Neil Young’s post match interview he is working on it. Notice I didn’t say Ben Mills once in that paragraph; Deva Chat take note.

2 & 3) Physicality/Full backs

Gainsborough were a very physical side (although not dirty). It meant that holding onto possession was difficult and we ended up hitting a lot more long balls than we should have had. I tend to think McGinn and Baynes are the worst culprits for this and it’s even more annoying when they do it as they often have a bit of space in front of them. The full back often has a lot of space at our level (which is why St Juste had such an impact against us a few weeks ago). I want to see them run into that space a bit more often before looking for a shorter pass either into the midfield or along the line to their winger.

4) Replay

We’re going to be playing Gainsborough four times this season. FOUR TIMES. Lucky they have a cracking ground with a lovely pitch. Not sure it’d be so great for away fans if it rained though. I was up in the main stand doing commentary but couldn’t see too much cover in the Chester end.

Well, that’ll do for now. It wasn’t a classic game by any means, hopefully the replay will make up for it on Wednesday. Also, just like to say sorry about the first 10 minutes of the Blues Live commentary. The headphones I was on were broken so we had to change them. Equipment failure is annoying and something that very little can be done about at times, but at least in this case we had a spare pair which I started to use.

Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts on the match below.


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  1. Didn’t see any need for segregation yesterday and as Richard says a very decent clubhouse for a club that has home support of only 4 to 500. I would certainly think twice about going there in March for our League fixture without some assurance that we would be under cover. A large part of the covered area was unoccupied so could have been made available to us.

    Not a good day at the office for us in general with the ball given away too easily

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