BLOG – Dartford 2-4 Chester

A thrilling second half fightback against the Darts saw Chester grab all three points. Down 2-0 going into the 50th minute, it looked like the Blues would have gone the way down south for nothing once again, but a quick brace from Craig Mahon brought us level, before an excellently worked move saw Matty Hughes bring us level. After that there was only one side in it and Rhys Oates’s goal was both a superb counter attacking goal and a measure of Chester’s brilliant turnaround in the second half. Here are a few thoughts on the game…

1. Slowly does it

Once again we started slowly. Or, I should say, we started extremely quickly and then forgot we were playing a game of football. Utter boredom in the first half from a Chester perspective and Dartford were worth their goal (which was very well taken). There is definitely something about our away trips south – with the notable exception of Southend – that sees us put in dire first half performances. That needs addressing.

2. James/Hughes and the pitch

Part of the poor first half performance was, I thought, James playing a little bit too high up the pitch. After half time he played a bit deeper and Hughes switched wings and we looked much more balanced. I think in part this was due to the very wet pitch – Hughes could then run against the slower left back knowing that the ball would skid on and he had the pace advantage. Similarly James needed to drop a little so he could perform his usual mopping up in midfield, as the ball was going all over the place in the first half due to it being difficult to control.

3. Kay

I do really rate Kay, but he’s no right back. I actually think he’s our best centre back, but Brown and Charnock have deserved their places in the team after their last few weeks. Yet, whilst I want Kay to play, right back is clearly not his position. Did ok yesterday, but they’re one of the poorer sides in this division. Hopefully Heneghan can recover from his knock soon.

4. Fans

A great effort from Chester fans once again. I had a few mates over from Germany (they’re going to the Dortmund game today) and they had a cracking time enjoying the pub before the game, the excellent second half fightback, and plenty of chanting. One of them even started a very loud and accented rendition of ‘can’t hear the Dartford sing’ which was one of the highlights of the evening!

5. Ground

How nice was that ground? Proves modern stadiums can be shiny and have character.

There’s two big games coming up now where 6 points must be the aim. Hopefully we can do it, COYB!

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