BLOG – Chester FC 4 – 0 Guisley FC. Post match thoughts.

Chester managed to extend their 100% start to the season after completely outclassing a Guisley side who went into the game ahead of Chester on goal difference. Ben Mills hammered, lucked and headed in a hat-trick before Iain Howard placed one in the bottom corner to send home the fans beaming in their lovely new home shirts. Here are some of my highlights (feel free to add any of yours in the comments!).
1. Millsbots are go, go, go!
Superb hat-trick today from Ben Mills even if the goalie scooped the second one in for him. He is just brilliant. I think I may cry if we don’t sign him so please Youngy do your best with this one.
2. Midfield and defence.
We didn’t give them any options on the ball when their midfield had it because our pressing was so good. Time and again their midfield looked for a simple ball and saw three or four Chester players around them meaning they had to turn around and pass it back to a defender to hoof to their strikers. It was food and drink for Horan and Linwood today. Great use of the squad by Youngy to ensure that we could play a high tempo game like that, and totally dominant a very dangerous side.
3. Marc Williams.
Really brilliant today. Always harries and annoys opposition and when you add a hard pressing midfield into the mix it meant that their midfield had to drop inside their own half to pick up the ball.
4. Scott Brown and Levi Mackin.
Fantastic on the ball today. A great debut for Brown and it’ll be really interesting who will take the regular spots in the centre of midfield.
5. Their goalie.
Was rubbish. Made a few decent saves but spilled far too much and Sarc should’ve scored but air-shotted one before he dove past Mills’ shot. Contender for worst goalie at the Exacta?
6. Is this the best we have played since we’ve reformed?

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