BLOG – Chester 3-3 Lincoln City. Post Match Thoughts

An extremely eventful match at the Swansway ended with six goals and one point each for Chester and Lincoln. Jamie Menagh’s early goals put Chester 2-0 up before a strong Lincoln header looped over a badly placed Danby. Seddon then got himself sent off and this was only the first half! The second half saw a penalty decision for each side with both converted, before Lincoln managed to equalise with only a minute left to deny the Blues their fourth win of the season. Here are some thoughts on the match.

1. Jamie Menagh

Despite being well outside of the transfer window Neil Young still managed to give a debut to someone and in this case it worked out extremely well! Two sumptuous strikes put us two up, and he looked pretty decent for the rest of the match. Also the balance playing 442 gave the team was reassuring and surprising: we’ve been trying five at the back and five in midfield on the basis that we aren’t good enough to have any less in those areas, but it appears that, actually, we’ll get along fine by playing 442.

2. Lincoln City/Ref

A really horrible bunch of players. At every opportunity they kept a foot in, harassed the referee, cajoled, pushed and pulled. Their play was disgusting and yet the ref took every possible opportunity to book our players (about three of the five yellows were fair for us), yet only booked two of theirs. I’ve never seen such a bias referring performance – he took so long to award our, crystal clear, penalty you could be forgiven for thinking he was trying to come up with a reason not to give it, which is in stark contrast to the bizarre pen they got. What was it for? WHAT WAS IT FOR YOU BIAS CRETIN? I’VE SEEN BETTER PERFORMANCES FROM THE NUTTERS THEY GET ON BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT YOU LINCOLN LOVING IGNORAMUS.

Yeah, ahem, excuse me.

3. Good point?

We definitely need as many points as possible over the Christmas period and the Southport games are the obvious targets for three points. Judging by our recent form against Gateshead I’m not going to hold my breath, so realistically this match was one that we had to get something out of. And we did, a point, is that satisfactory though? Well, we played for an hour with a man down so yes, very satisfactory in many respects. We were also unlucky for the first two goals Lincoln scored: Danby made a rare error and then there was that penalty from an alternative universe. I can’t help but be disappointed with the final goal though. Not so much for how it was scored but the timing. It wasn’t the player’s fault, they gave everything, but it was really gutting and undeserved for Lincoln.

4. Effort

Ignoring the result and the events that changed the game, THAT was a Neil Young side. Full of effort, endeavour and a little skill (Rooney, Reed, Seddon and Peers are all particularly good on the ball). It’s great to see and I’m happier about the side now than I was at the start of the day.

Bring on Southport.

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