BLOG – Chester 3-2 Wrexham

A superb performance from Chester saw us once again win the Derby against Wrexham. An unbelievably good free-kick from John Rooney, a cracking, quick counter-attack finished by Tom Shaw, and a pinpoint header from Kane Richards were all quality goals, which contrasted starkly with the dodgy penalty and late, scrambled goal from Wrexham. In truth Chester could have had a couple more, as the team put in their best second half of the season, whilst Wrexham didn’t offer too much despite having long periods of possession. Here are a few thoughts on the match.

1. Woooo!

An excellent game with some excellent goals. It was really satisfying to see Chester soak up pressure in the second half for long periods too. The atmosphere was good too. Watching Chester is all about days like this (contrasted with the days like Bromley away in order to make these days all the sweeter).

2. Kay/Heneghan

The most interesting tactical decision from Steve Burr was to put Michael Kay in defence and chuck Ben Heneghan in midfield again. This time it actually worked, with Heneghan beefing up the defensive capabilities in midfield and allowing Rooney to play higher up. Kay had a faultless game too, which makes next game’s team selection rather interesting. Heneghan is fine in midfield as a temporary measure, but without Luke George we really need to be looking at developing Sam Hughes for the role.

3. James Roberts

What a cracking player. Gave us quite a bit of what we’ve been lacking, as he could take the ball and run with it, swiftly changing defence into attack. He deserved a goal, but his best chance was scuffed wide in the first half. I hope his injury isn’t too bad because he could really kick start our season. What was also very noticeable was how little Chapell offered when he came on. Perhaps his wages could be better used elsewhere?

4. Ross Hannah, Kane Richards

Hannah had a great game, setting up two of the goals and being an annoyance throughout, but he is clearly lacking the confidence to shoot. He kept trying to cut onto his favoured left foot which passed up some excellent opportunities as a result. Richards meanwhile will be brimming with confidence after finally getting his first goal for the club. It’s long overdue and extremely well deserved. He was superb when he replaced Craig Hobson at half time and has surely earned a start. What was most noticeable about our play in the second half was that we didn’t need Hobson on to win the long balls forward. That won’t happen every week, but perhaps Hobson could be tried from the bench for a couple of weeks, to increase the effect of his ‘crashball’ type of football.

Well, what a great day. We seem to do well in the big games and virtually everybody played really well, which bodes well for the return fixture, but hopefully this can be a springboard for playing the lesser teams in the division too.


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