BLOG – Chester 2-1 Halifax

A frankly ridiculous end to the televised game against Halifax ensured that the schedulers will be looking to come our way again soon.  A good first half performance from the Blues went unrewarded, despite forcing Glennon into an excellent tip onto the crossbar, though Halifax did pick up a harsh red card for a foul on Seddon. After the break Halifax were very solid, but the goal from Craig Mahon was well deserved after some excellent build up play and a(nother) great cross from Lewis Turner. Chester were then in control of the match for a long period but failed to produce any really good chances and were punished in injury time, after Halifax turned in a long throw. Fans thought that was that, and two precious points had been thrown away, but battling forward play from Rooney saw the ball somehow break to Menagh who finished nicely and won the game. Here are some thoughts on it…

1. Celebrations

Bloody hell! I haven’t seen scenes like that at the Deva for a long time! Everyone was so down after their goal – understandably as we deserved the three points – then to go and get them when we thought all was lost… Fantastic. I imagine that’ll be a cherished memory for some time to come!

2. Chapman

Was really impressive. Commanded his box really well and is excellent on the ball. I really hope his injury isn’t too bad, though apparently it’s a broken hand, which, I know from personal experience, is nasty.

3. Going forward

Today we looked good going forward. We created a number of good chances and generally looked comfortable in the final third. It’s a big improvement on earlier in the season where we’d get one or two chances a game and be so surprised by that, that we’d screw it all up. Hopefully the improved approach play will continue and we’ll continue to reap the rewards.

4. BT

I’m sure they’ll be happy with the game, but I have to admit, it was a bit weird having all of the cameras there. It was slightly unsettling somehow… Still, if they’re going to give us a couple of grand to film us, I’d forgive them for it!

That’s all for tonight, I’m still buzzing from that winner so the brain isn’t working too well. What a brilliant, brilliant game and three more vital points. COYB!

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