BLOG- Chester 2-1 Halifax. Post Match Thoughts.

Chester rack up their sixth successive win after a battling performance against Halifax. In truth, Halifax were the better team, but Chester made their chances count as Ben Mills bagged yet another goal before Dave Hankin smashed home. An excellent consolation from 20 yards will be small consolation (ha) for Halifax who deserved something out of the game. Here are a few things ‘wot i fort’. Don’t expect them to be coherent or completely separate from each other and you won’t be disappointed.

1) The Harry Mac

Was on it tonight. Fantastic effort from the boys behind the goal. Not only providing us with a good selection of the classic Chester chants, but also coming up with one of the funniest chants of all time: ‘He tweets like a twat, he tweets like a twat, Jamie Rainford, he tweets like a twat’. And, of course, after we conceded the Mac responded with a five minute rendition of ‘Neil Young’s blue and white army’. Stirring stuff.

2) Midfield

Now we’re moving onto the ‘how the hell did we win that?’ stuff. The main reason we were overrun in midfield for the whole match was because Halifax were playing with three narrow midfielders, with wing backs providing the width. To counter this, we should have had a third central midfielder. The main problem we had tonight was keeping the ball in midfield, and that would have helped no end. Eventually Young did bring on Marc Williams who does track back and help the midfield, but it should have been a bit earlier.

3) Sitters

MillsMillsMillsMillsMills…. how? I still can’t believe my eyes. I nearly headbutted the bloke in front of me it was that bad. As for that number 11 from Halifax, why score from four yards when you can do it from 25? In summary: hearts being spat out of mouths for both teams tonight!

4) Rainford

Another mention for the abuse that Rainford got. It was hilarious. Juvenile, yes – of course – but it was very thoughtful of Chester fans to pitch it at a level ‘Rainaldo’ could understand. Special mention for the bloke in C Block who kept on chanting by himself: ‘He shoots to the left, he shoots to the right, that Jamie Rainford is fucking shite’. Good effort.

5) Halifax

Were bloody good. Really moved the ball well and threatened a lot. It was only due to some poor finishing, solid goalkeeping and cracking blocks and tackles that we managed to keep it down to one. I did mention our tactical failings above, but full credit to Halifax for being the first side since we reformed to comprehensively outplay us for the vast majority of the match. It does say a lot about the character of our team, however, that we managed to come away with a win.

6) Referee

What is it with referees eh? I can’t understand why anyone would want the job in the first place, but what’s even more perplexing is why they seem to get worse the higher they go up the pyramid. It’s so illogical, yet so true.

7) Night

What a night. I’ve got to finish on a positive note after that thrilling win. I’m still buzzing from it and it’s a good two hours later! Nothing quite like a close game against potential title rivals to get the heart pumping. The atmosphere was fantastic. It was great having away fans, it meant our fans were more up for it. Then it was a floodlit match, which makes everything better. A great night to be a Chester fan. Easily my favourite match since FC United last season.

Right. I’ll stop waffling now. Feel free to add any comments you have below.


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  1. Halifax were the better side, but once they bought Rainford on for the big number nine I thought they lost all goal threat from that point on. We may have berated him but the fact remains that once he came on there was only going to be one winner. Us.

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