BLOG – Chester 2-0 Oxford City. Post Match Thoughts

A goal early in each half settled this routine win for the Cestrians on a freezing, foggy night. Paul Linwood’s lopping header and then Nathan Jarman’s placed shot were the proof of the difference between the two sides in a game that is probably best described as: ‘job done’. Here are the very few thoughts that I had during and after the match…

1. Nippy

It was really rather cold this evening, especially towards the end of the match. It was also really rather cold towards the end of the Droylsden away game. In both of those games the play gradually got worse from Chester, with more misplaced passes and fewer players really taking the game by the scruff of the neck. Could they be linked? I think so. The cold won’t help muscles and numbs the extremities  so the players could have had cold feet, which won’t have helped! Of course, I’m speculating a lot, but I think there’s a grain of truth in it. Somewhere. Maybe.

2. Attendance

We don’t normally talk about the attendance on here, because it isn’t very interesting, but I have to say – that wasn’t half bad this evening. Consider the circumstances: kick off delayed by 45 minutes, a freezing weeknight, fog descending… it’s not exactly tempting is it? And yet 1,905 fans (6 from Oxford) wanted to attend. We’re all fucking mad.

3. Routine

I called the win routine in the first line of this post, and I have to back that up. I’m struggling to think of when Oxford looked threatening and although we didn’t exactly pepper the goal with chances, there was more than enough from the Blues to deserve the comfortable victory they got. It certainly wasn’t a classic, but not all games are. That’s why the classic games are called classics…

4. Fog

After the match finished the fog really did descend around the Sealand area. I was driving along Sealand Road and thinking that 30mph was probably a bit quick so I hope everyone got home safe and sound!

That’s all from me this evening. See you all at Hinckley (that away trip is compulsory by the way)!

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