BLOG – Chester 2-0 Harrogate Town. Post Match Thoughts

Chester continued their winning streak in the league after a fine Sarcevic opener, and a slightly embarrassing own goal from a Harrogate defender. Still, they all count and Chester are now 12 points clear at the top of the table. Here are some completely random thoughts I had about the match…

1) Quality

Overall, it was a close game. Harrogate were a good side and created a couple of decent chances. Chester were in the same boat until a bit of luck and then a wonderful piece of skill from Sarcevic saw the opening goal. Sarc got lucky with a deflection, flicked it over the defender and powered it home on the half-volley. Frankly there was nothing their defence could do about it, and it was that little bit of quality that was ultimately the difference between the two sides.

2) Clean Sheet

We had one! It’s the first one for a month and the seventh of the season. I’m actually quite surprised by that statistic to be honest as it never seems as though we have that many close games and it’s not as though the defence or Danby have had a bad season. Still, it’s something that needs improving as one of these days it’s going to cost us points.

3) Young

The ages of the starting line-up from today was as follows: Danby 29, Baynes 24, Linwood 29, Horan 30, McGinn 29, Curran 23, Sarcevic 20, A Williams 23, D Williams 24, M Williams 24, Mills 23. That’s an average age of 25.3. But you’ll notice that most of the experience in the squad is at the back. Going forward there’s a young group of players, with an average age of 22.8!

I like this mix. There’s experience at the back and energy going forward. Also, with Chester rapidly ascending the leagues it makes sense to have a good basis of young players who can grow with the club, as we’re seeing players like Baynes, Sarcevic and Ash Williams do. It also indicates that Neil Young prefers what he sees on the pitch to what he sees on a CV, which is only a good thing.

4) Right hand side

The short passing and interplay (is that a phrase?) on the right hand side especially, was excellent today. Curran, Baynes, Marc Williams and Sarcevic were pulling out all the flicks, one-twos and feints that they had in their locker, and it was great to watch at times. Of course, it didn’t always come off, but I certainly think the right hand side is our stronger at the minute – both our goals came from that wing today…

5) Presentation

Normally, these blogs don’t mention our physical fanzine, or the money we give to the Junior Blues, but today is an exception. The JB committee generously put their hands in their pockets to buy my brother and I a small trophy for our contribution to their funds. I can only say what a lovely gesture it was by them and we were both made up with it! Thanks very much.

Right, that’s all for now. I’m off to mentally prepare myself for the journey to Workington…

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