BLOG – Chester 1-3 Welling Utd

An appalling first half performance by the Blues was punished by an athletic Welling United who fully deserved the victory. A poor attempt at an offside trap – the linesman being especially culpable – saw a Welling striker finish a one-on-one with Danby, before a poor backpass was made worse by Danby dithering on the ball, allowing them to steal the ball and get a second. A better second half performance was undone when a Welling winger was left in thirty yards of space to pick his spot, meaning Taylor’s excellent finish was merely consolation for Chester, as we didn’t really threaten much after that. Here are some sobering thoughts on the game…

1. First half

What the hell happened there? No one seemed to be able to pass, tackle, shoot or even run with the ball.  It was really weird, all the technical skills the team had just disappeared. I know it was wet and windy, so some slips and miscontrols were expected but we couldn’t do anything. I’ve never seen anything like it.

2. Killock

Had his worst game for Chester and fully deserved his red card. Both tackles were bad and his passing today was very poor too. Of course, he’s young and will learn from this so we shouldn’t be too harsh. I do wonder about the aimless passing though, often he’d hit the ball first time straight back where it came from, which really doesn’t help in keeping the pressure off. Perhaps someone needs to have a quick word about how to deal with the ball better.

3. Left-back

Well Steve Burr is certainly seeing what we’re all seeing and tried to sort out the left-back position. I thought Kay did alright there, but having four right footers in defence probably isn’t the best idea and it isn’t a solution for the rest of the season. McIntyre did better higher up the pitch, though I’d have Menagh in before him at left midfield. Much to ponder there as I can’t see an easy answer: Heath and McIntyre aren’t good enough there, and Kay is more of a centre back than anything else (3rd choice centre back too surely).

4. Taylor

Did alright today. Didn’t see a lot of the ball but took his chance really well. I thought that Seddon looked pretty good when he came on too, a big improvement on the anonymous Reed. So, we might have an area of the pitch sorted, which would be good. Shame it’s taken until February…

Well, that’s all I can deal with for now. Hopefully Burr can turn it all around for Macclesfield on Tuesday. We really need to get back to winning ways! COYB!

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