BLOG Chester 1-2 Barrow. Post Match Thoughts

A terrible second half performance from Chester allowed a, very out of form, Barrow side to go through to the next round of the FA Trophy. Gareth Seddon had put Chester ahead with a tap-in during the first ten minutes of the game, but Chester were twice caught out in bad positions leading to soft goals for Barrow. Here are some thoughts on the match.

1. Barrow’s goals

Both were very poor goals to concede – though credit to Barrow for taking full advantage. For the first Miller was caught in possession and Barrow managed to quickly get the ball into a shooting position, there was no pressure on the ball, Danby parried but a Barrow striker got in to tap home. The second, Chester looked to counter attack, lost the ball and a long ball cut out most of Chester’s team allowing a cross from our left and another tap in. No matter how you look at those goals they were the result of bad defending. Firstly, we lost the ball too easily all over the pitch which puts pressure on the defence. Secondly the team didn’t react quickly enough to cover the mistakes. It was really disappointing (though not necessarily the defence’s fault, more the defensive play of the team).

2. Kevin McIntyre

Really is not good enough. Loses possession too much and allows too many crosses – including the cross for the second goal.  Time to give Joe Heath a proper run I think.

3. New signings

I thought Miller and Rooney were actually quite decent. Miller is certainly better than Ashley Williams and Rooney is certainly better than Craig Lindfield, who are the players they’re replacing respectively. This was probably the most encouraging part of the day – Gareth Seddon’s excellent performance aside. It’s generally accepted that we aren’t good enough, we’re getting players in and they’re better than what we have. That’s something, even if it’s not currently enough.

4. Subs

I thought they were very odd today. Williams didn’t improve on Miller, Reed was a bit better than Lester but didn’t have much time on the pitch, and Titchener was a lot worse than Mahon. I realise Young wanted things to change, but perhaps he’d have been better off holding off with the subs he made. When Miller and Mahon went off it was 1-1 and I thought we were still more likely to win, after they went off Barrow took advantage.

Well, that’s a whole load of prize money missed out on for the Blues, again. January can’t come soon enough but without an injection of funds we’re really going to struggle to improve the team. I hope we can get something out of the Braintree match next week. Every point is vital to us, but three defeats in a row would really be a blow to a side that was starting to look as though it could stay up a couple of weeks ago.

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