BLOG – Chester 1-1 Cheltenham

A well-deserved point was reward for Chester in an entertaining match against a Cheltenham side that will be towards the business end of the table this season. Ross Hannah’s early stunner was cancelled out by a simple goal for Cheltenham after a defensive mix up and an ill-judged punch from Worsnop. Cheltenham earned their point, but Hannah, who was by far man of the match, had two great chances to score. First he chipped one past the post when one on one and later producing an outstanding save from their keeper with a 25 yard shot towards the left hand corner. Here are a few thoughts on the game.

1. Hannah

An excellent performance today. His goal was superb and was he was incredibly unlucky not to add a second or even go home with the match ball. His movement, willingness to chase, and pace were all very impressive, as was his first touch, which rarely let him down. Most noticeably when he plucked a 40 yard clearance out of the air, did a few keepy-ups and rolled it through to Chapell. A lovely piece of skill that was a joy to see from a player in a Chester shirt.

2. Midfield

It’s the first time I’ve managed to get to a game this season but I was really impressed with Shaw and George in midfield. Except for a ten minute spell after that silly goal where everyone in a blue shirt lost their heads a bit, the midfield did a really good job of breaking up the play and passing it around. There still needs to be a bit of work done on getting the ball forward, but some of the first touch passing – including the move that led to our goal – was amazing. Really looking forward to watching this team all season!

3. Their goal

Christ on a bike. No need for Worsnop to come for it (and he’s tweeted since saying it was his fault) but perhaps that’s a symptom of being a bit bored in the last few games? Certainly he didn’t have a huge amount to do tonight… We saw after the Barnet game at the start of last season Worsnop bounce back and play excellently for virtually the whole year. Perhaps he needs an early season calamity to get it out of his system?

4. Bench

Whilst I thought that everything else tonight was spot on from Burr, I couldn’t help but think we should have had Kane Richards or Tom Peers on the bench. Some fresh, pacey legs on the wing in the last ten minutes would have been very useful (so I’d have gone for Richards) and we probably don’t need both Tonge and Kay on the bench together (I’d take Tonge out). A slightly better balanced bench might have made the difference tonight, who knows?

Well, Woking away up next in another ‘if we can beat these it shows that we can make the play-offs’ game. We’ll be selling fanzines then so keep an eye out for us. Thanks to everyone who bought one tonight.


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