BLOG – Chester 1-0 Workington. Post Match Thoughts

Ben Mills’ super shot proved decisive today as the Blues won in a hard fought game. That makes it six out of six for Neil Young’s men from only two goals, very efficient. Again, at the expense of writing a proper article, I’m just going to do a few bullet points of things I thought about the game.

1) Workington made my eyes work too hard

Who designed that kit? What is wrong with them? It’s the colour of sick and even has red trim to imitate carrot chunks. Disgusting.

2) This league is hard

If you look at Oxford City and Workington on paper, you’d say that Oxford were going to be a solid mid-table side and Workington would be there or thereabouts (wherever that is) at the end of the season. In past seasons we were beating mid-table sides comfortably and would more often than not win against play-off contenders. Now it looks as though opposition defences are more organised, the midfield keeps the ball better and strikers will punish you. It all adds up to a routine win being a lot harder to come by. Meaning every point is very valuable.

3) Ashley Williams is ridiculous

Of course, we know it already. He is a cracking player and I feel as though he’s only getting better as we go up the leagues. Was everywhere today and thoroughly deserved the man of the match award that he was given.

4) Our heckling needs to improve

I know it’s early in the season, but the abuse handed out to linesmen, referees and opposition players really needs to improve. The best we heard today was ‘You’ve come a long way to wear a bib’. That’s decent, definitely worth a titter, but we all know that we can do better. Be creative about your abuse people! And remember, short and sweet!

Right, I’m off to bed. Feel free to add your thoughts below.


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