BLOG – Chester 1-0 Macclesfield. Post Match Thoughts

John Rooney’s superb free-kick on 15 minutes was enough to separate Chester from a Macclesfield side that rarely looked like threatening. The game was far from a classic, with possession being turned over too quickly from both sides, but the Blues just about edged it, producing the best of the play and a few excellent chances. Here are some thoughts on the game.

1. Hobbo

In Friday’s Friday Night Football show (on Dee 106.3) Craig Hobson described his style of play as: “basically I just work me balls off”. This hilarious summation of his play is accurate but also a bit harsh on himself. Hobson was excellent yesterday, providing the focal point of Chester’s attacks, holding the ball up and laying off extremely well and also showing what he can do with an unbelievable 25-yard lob attempt. I liked him last year, but didn’t expect him to be retained. Now we’re starting to see exactly why he has been. If he can keep up this form then Steve Burr will have unearthed another gem.

2. Charnock

An absolutely deserved man of the match award capped a great day for Kieran Charnock. He dominated the Macclesfield forwards and hopefully he’ll be able to take that form forward into the next game. Him and Michael Kay looked to be a pretty solid defensive unit (though I can’t emphasise how poor Macc were), and with Heneghan seeming to settle in at right-back a little better (though it is still clear that he isn’t a natural right-back), we might have unearthed our starting back four, though perhaps not. Either way it’ll do us no end of good to have that sorted as we’ll have the makings of a settled team.

3. Midfield

For the first time this season it appeared that everyone knew what their jobs were and stuck to it. Harrison and James were there to get the ball, protect the back four and recycle possession. Rooney operated just in front, getting stuck in but providing an attacking outlet. Then Hall and McConville were up and down the line, protecting the full backs whilst looking to get forward at every opportunity. I was quite impressed with the outcome, though some fluidity and confidence needs to be added to their game. Hopefully with time, and victories, that’ll come.

4. Worsnop

Well, what a comeback! From shipping in five against Barnet to a clean sheet topped with two superb saves. The dive at the feet of the Macc forward gave me flashbacks, but it was timed to perfection. Similarly the way in which Worsnop spread himself for the save late on was magnificent. Some guy behind me said he’d gotten a bit lucky with that. And yeah, he had, but you make your own luck and he deserved to get some after the torrid time he had against Barnet.

5. Pies

They’d sold out by the time I got there! Still, a good crowd, good atmosphere and three points. I’ll take that for Non-League Day 2014.

See you on Tuesday.

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