BLOG – Chester 0-3 Halifax. Post Match Thoughts

An awful second half performance saw Chester lose their second home game of the season to a rather decent looking Halifax side. Chester created little and unfortunately defended little too. An unwise combination that had ‘season of struggle’ written all over it. Here are the post match thoughts I’ve had that don’t involve swearing.

1. Formation

I think that we’re supposed to be playing a sort of 451/433. However for most of the match it was a 424, with the wingers pushing up way too high and the only forward dropping deep being McConville – which is precisely where he shouldn’t be. Time and again the midfielders or defenders would have the ball, look up, see everyone playing on the last man and lump it forward. A ridiculous way to attack and one that left the midfield way, way too open as the wingers struggled to attack and track back quickly enough. Halifax could pick off the passes and then immediately put pressure on our defence. It was naive as well as terrible to watch.

2. Centre mid

Rooney is a good player. James is a good player. However, they are not a good combination. Rooney can’t manage a sufficient amount of defensive work (which is understandable considering it’s not really his position), whilst James, though combative and willing to get stuck in, spends a lot of time out of position (mostly because he’s trying to get stuck in, which is admirable at least). James needs a proper central midfield partner who can stay in front of the back four and retain possession. Is that man Harrison? I doubt it unfortunately. I’d love it to be Blake but he’s probably a bit young. We don’t have much of a budget so if I was Burr I’d be looking at the loan market and a half season loan or similar.

3. Full backs

Currently we have 3 full backs – Taylor, Disney and Roberts – on the books at the club. Today none of them finished the game and all of our centre backs – Heneghan, Brown, Kay and Charnock – did. This is starting to smack of last season where poor recruitment led to massive problems with regard to playing personnel and the budget (ie. can’t offload anyone so can’t bring anyone in). What to do? I’d trust the full backs we have. Disney, to me, looks awful. Taylor raw, but good enough. Start him have our best two centre backs – Brown and Kay – in the middle and have Roberts at left back. The inexperience of Charnock and Heneghan in the full back positions was pretty obvious in the second half, though perhaps Heneghan could manage a conversion to right back.

4. Freddy Hall

The one positive of today’s game. It’s the first time I’ve seen him play a whole match and I thought he was impressive. Made some excellent saves early on, was decent at commanding his area, and has excellent distribution from both hand and foot. Needs work in a few areas perhaps, but is clearly the best keeper at the club. It’s just a shame he had absolutely no hope with any of the goals.

Well, Kidderminster away next on Monday. I’m sure we’ll be better. COYB!

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  1. Halifax were everything we should be aspiring to be – they were big, strong, well organised and well disciplined. We wont play many teams better than them this season (thank goodness!)

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