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This year’s CFU elections have rightly caused a stir among Chester supporters as the club is at something of a crossroads. The Conference looms, as does full time football and all the advantages and problems that brings with it. There are other important issues too: supporter and volunteer engagement, getting the finances right, increasing revenue and so on. What these elections provide the support is a real say in the direction that the club takes. All of the candidates that are standing have different skills, priorities and visions for the future. It is imperative then, to understand exactly what they stand for.

That is where these interviews come in. A one page manifesto is a great indicator as to what a candidate offers, but there are questions still to be asked. What we have tried to do in each of these interviews is give every candidate their own soapbox to stand on and tried hard to keep that soapbox as identical as possible. The main thing that we really wanted to make sure we did was to keep focus on the policies of the individuals concerned. These elections have, quite naturally, been emotive; all politics is emotive, just look at the the USA’s recent elections. However, when the vote is on something important, such as the future of our football club, it is understandable that these emotions come to a head. It will not help the future of the club however, to concentrate on emotive issues. We wanted to get back to policy and back to the direction our club takes in the future.

With that in mind, each interview is ten minutes long, the main questions we asked were the same (although follow up questions changed depending on how they answered the main questions) and we gave every candidate a real opportunity to highlight to the support what the positive reasons are for their candidacy and the reasons why members should vote for them. Neil even did all of the interviews to help keep everything fair!  We hope you’ll agree that this was the correct way to go about things.

The recordings are in the same order that they appeared on the manifestos document, with the exception of Paul Baker who has pulled out of the election and Steve Ashton who politely declined our invitation for work related reasons. We’d like to thank all of the candidates for generously giving their time to be interviewed.

We would also like to apologise for the quality of the sound in the interviews. Numerous factors meant that the interviews had to be conducted down the phone which has made some points in the interviews difficult to hear especially in the David Evans interview where all of Neil’s questions had an echo to them. We can only apologise and we hope that you still listen to them so you can (hopefully) be better informed about the upcoming elections.

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