BLOG – Altrincham 2 -4 Chester FC Post Match Thoughts

Well we may as well address the room full of elephants. Whilst I didn’t actually see any trouble at the game apparently there was some. I don’t know who was responsible for starting it but I’m hopeful that the authorities will sort it. If you are the kind of bloke who likes to punch people wearing a different coloured scarf to you, please stop doing it at Chester matches.
Anyway onto the game! We started very well then let it slip then sorted it out again. We’ve got 12 points out of 12 which is better than I was expecting at the start of the season (we always start rubbish!). Here are some highlights.
1. The Mills-bot. Scored two good goals, threatened the back line brilliantly and nicked a funny celebration. I really, really want to sign Ben Mills. I may cry if we don’t. Did fade a little towards the end but it was his first 90 minutes of the season.
2. Powell. Got his yellow card in and scored a great goal after leaving two defenders for dead. Nice to see his quiff bobbing about the pitch again and is a brilliant back up for Sarc in centre mid.
3. McGinn’s screamer. What a goal.
4. Squad rotation. Makes sense to swap players if they’ve had a game two days ago and I thought most of the players who came into the side did quite well. I think it showed that Mackin wasn’t a left-back however and also Taylor didn’t have the best of games. Seen a couple of people already write him off on DC saying he isn’t good enough for Conference North footie but do you remember how crap he was in his first few games at the club? He’ll come good if he is given the minutes.
5. Goals! Have to say all the goals today, with the possible exception of Mill’s second, were cracking. Altrincham’s two were brilliant and so were ours. Can’t wait to see the highlights!


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