BLOG – Aldershot 0-1 Chester

A beautiful day in the sun saw Chester reach the 60 point mark with a decent performance against Aldershot. Chester had the better of the first half and went in at the break with the lead after John Rooney converted a softly given penalty after a foul on Oli McBurnie. Chester could have had a few in the first half, with McBurnie being particularly unlucky to have one cleared off the line. After half time the game became very open with decent chances for both sides but Chester held on for a deserved win. Here are some thoughts on the game.

1. Rooney

An excellent performance from Rooney saw him grab a goal and run the midfield for Chester. I thought in the second half Abbott faded a little which left a bit more space in midfield for Aldershot, but Rooney did almost everything right today. I hope he signs a contract but we’ll need at least one big, imposing central midfielder to do the dirty work next season.

2. Contracts

That brings me nicely onto contracts. Kingsley James might well be injured but it was interesting to see the inclusions and exclusions in the squad. I think James is the player Burr was referring to when he said one player hadn’t got back to him about next season. That’s a shame, but I think he’s replaceable. Charnock is surely playing for a contract but, well, I’d be surprised if he gets it. Hobson is in a similar boat, though I’d be less surprised. Peers and Thomson should be here for at least pre-season next year I imagine – it’ll effectively be a trial period for them both. Menagh, Winn and Touray will probably be on their way. No idea about Brown or Viscosi. And I imagine that Burr will try to loan McBurnie again, maybe Abbott too.

3. Recreation Ground

My first visit to Aldershot’s ground and my word that place is odd, but I like it. The approach to the away end – through a park – was oddly scenic, and the stands themselves were an interesting mismash of varying standards. The open terrace was characterfully mouldy and I liked the cow-shed roof to the biggest home end. Really odd ground but exactly the kind of place you should watch football in – a place clearly not properly thought out for it. It adds so much to the day.

4. Burr

Nice touch of class from Steve Burr to come over to the away fans before the match started. It was much appreciated.

Not much more to say about today really. A fun win that never got too stressful. I could get used to this mid table mediocrity thing. COYB!

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